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Vintage Walt Disney World Blue Pennant

As early as the late 1800s, the world had felt pennants. But they became popular novelties much later thanks to two cultural changes: the introduction of colleges and universities, and the popularity of all things sports.  By the end of … Continue reading

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Hallmark Keepsake Ornament – Cruella De Ville Car

101 Dalmatians is a lot of dogs! Disney’s movie featuring the little spotted mutts was released in 1961 and was based on the 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith. It was the 17th feature-length animated film from the mouse… about … Continue reading

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Retail: Hallmark Mickey Heart Hands Ornament

It may be July but that doesn’t stop retailers from trying to make a buck by cashing in on a holiday. Even one that’s six months away! Hallmark has a nice line of ornaments that cover just about any IP … Continue reading

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Retail: More Disney-themed Helium Balloons

Once more into the department store, my friends! And onward to the party with more Disney-themed helium balloons: Mickey gives a sideways glance at me as I take his picture just hanging around the rafters of my local department store. … Continue reading

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Places: PRIMITIVE DESIGNS in Port Hope, ON

The United States has Roadside Attractions pretty much on every street corner. At least, that’s the way it seems. And we all love those kitschy tourist traps! But it’s especially engaging when the proprietors mix in DIY and art installments … Continue reading

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Mickey and Minnie Ceramic Face Wall Hangings

You just never know what a trip to the local charity shop will provide in the way of interesting collectibles! Sometimes I find wonderful treasures and other times I come away with a pair of shorts… or nothing. But the … Continue reading

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Mickey’s Stuff for Kids Color-Clings

Why is all the cool stuff just for kids? This line of merchandise included plush characters, coloring books, bend-ems, money banks, and numerous clothing items, to name just a bit of the ‘stuff’ you could get for your kids. But … Continue reading

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Zappo DC-3 Yellow Airplane Lamp

We usually expect to find just about any information we want on the Internet. But not so for this unusual Art Deco-style aviation-themed lamp. The current Zappo company seems to have a different focus now, with no items resembling this … Continue reading

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Donald Duck OUT OF SCALE Sketchbook Ornament

Donald Duck starred in the 1951 theatrical Short entitled Out of Scale. In this film Donald has built a little town in his backyard complete with a model steam locomotive no less. But pesky Chip and Dale move in and … Continue reading

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Disney Cruise Line Decorative Pillow

If you’ve read our trip report about our first Disney cruise, then you know that the best part of it was getting the decorative pillow shown in this post. Click the link to read about our horror story… if you … Continue reading

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