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Foodie Friday: Vintage Donald Duck Cola Bottle

General Beverages Inc. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, was licensed by Disney to make Donald Duck Cola from 1952 to 1955. Vintage Donald Duck Cola bottles aren’t especially rare but they can fetch up to $20.00 US for just one or up … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Ludwig Von Drake in Disneyland Lunch Box

Ludwig von Drake debuted in 1961 as did this Disneyland metal lunch box. Seeing Von Drake tour the various lands of Walt’s first Park is truly magical! Just ask him, he’ll be glad to tell you… for hours… and hours… … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Hidden Mickey Disney Bag Charm

Oh no, no, don’t eat it though, it’ll make you ill! Cause there ain’t nothin’ real in this Hidden Mickey Disney bag charm! So seriously… don’t eat it. At just 4″ in diameter, without the ears, this charming little bag … Continue reading

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Photo Spot Week: The Marietta Diner

Welcome to a full week of photographs! Photo Spot Week will feature one photograph a day from February 21st through to February 27th. The fifth in this series is an image from the past in the present: The Marietta Diner. … Continue reading

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Photo Spot: Foodie Friday – Disneyland Treats from 2013

Everyone knows that Theme Park food doesn’t have any calories. Well, at least less calories than regular food. Okay. Calories that don’t count because no one counts calories while on vacation? That’s probably more like it! What’s a Foodie Friday … Continue reading

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Mickey and Minnie Ceramic Cookie Jar

Nom Nom Nom! ‘M.I.C.’ may stand for ‘Mickey’ but ‘C’ has always stood for ‘Cookie’! And where better to store your favorite round snack than this Mickey and Minnie ceramic cookie jar: This is a basic design than one could … Continue reading

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Foody Friday: Mickey and Friends Green Seedless Grapes

Disney is so pervasive that it literally shows up everywhere! In a store? There’s a piece of merchandise. Walking down the street? There’s a billboard. Listening to the radio or watching TV? There’s a commercial. Just minding your own business? … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Coca-Cola Tic Tacs with Store Display

I like to do things that make normal people go: “Wait, what now?” When I walked into the convenience counter of a gas station and handed the clerk an entire package of Tic Tacs, well, he was taken aback. Perfect! … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Oversized Baymax Mug from Big Hero 6

We could all use a Personal Healthcare Companion! Someone to show compassion when we are hurt and who can kiss any wound better. And no one, or no robot, can do that better than Baymax from the Disney movie Big … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Walt Disney World Menus and Napkins

Everyone turns into a Foodie at Walt Disney World! There are so many culinary options, how could you not? I thought we’d take a moment and get our taste buds salivating with a look at a couple of menus and … Continue reading

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