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New Book Shelves for My Ever Expanding Collection

I have a primary book shelf in my living room with my most valuable Disney books, along with many other collectible hardcover editions covering many other subjects. But I also have a large cabinet with doors on it in my … Continue reading

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Tiny TV Classic ‘Retro 60s’ – BATMAN

“Holy Miniaturization, Batman!” Has the Joker shrunk the Bat TV? Or has some other nefarious villain, like a Network Executive, changed the programming format? Will our tiny heroes be able to overcome this huge problem? Tune in right now to … Continue reading

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Tiny TV Classics ‘Retro 80s’ – Back to the Future

I always visit the toy isle in any store. You just never know what new and exciting toy, game, or action figure might be there. But every once in a while, I am taken by surprise by an item so … Continue reading

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Large Peanuts SNOOPY Throw Pillow

Although my collection is quite varied, it does contain mostly Disney merchandise. But if there is one non-Disney character that can sneak in and find a place in The Happiest Collection on the Internet, it’s Snoopy! Hallmark wins again with … Continue reading

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Lightbulb-shaped Table Lamp and Floor Lamp

I’m always looking for something different to decorate my humble abode with. It may be a piece of furniture. It may be a collectible. It may even be a bright red Rocket Ship Lamp. Or it may also be a … Continue reading

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