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NAT GEO Songs of the Humpback Whale Vinyl Record

The National Geographic magazine was founded in 1888 as a scholarly journal, nine months after the establishment of the society, but is now a popular magazine. In 1905, it began including pictures, a style for which it has become well-known. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Disney’s Family Fun Crafts

Publisher: Hyperion Year: 1997 Pages: 256 Type: Hardcover ISBN: 0-7868-6304-8 “Don’t worry about getting a little paint on the pages.” Back in the 90s kids still liked to make things. Crafts were all the rage and Disney’s FamilyFun Magazine was happy to supply all kinds … Continue reading

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CAA Magazine: Disney ‘Magic in the Making’ Article

I love collecting ephemera, paper pieces that are made to be discarded after use, so that I can reference them later. Often, articles like the one in this CAA Magazine can be quite informative, or at least provide a snapshot … Continue reading

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New Book Shelves for My Ever Expanding Collection

I have a primary book shelf in my living room with my most valuable Disney books, along with many other collectible hardcover editions covering many other subjects. But I also have a large cabinet with doors on it in my … Continue reading

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LIFE Magazine from Oct. 1971 – Disney World Opens

Before Walt Disney World opened in 1971 it was very much up in the air as to whether it would be a good thing for Florida. It seems strange now, but especially the residents of Kissimmee were of the opinion … Continue reading

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FORD TIMES Monthly Souvenir Promotional Booklet

Now we go back in time to July of 1953. The place is Detroit, MI. The mode of conveyance is not a fine FORD automobile, but a souvenir promotional booklet that was published monthly and given away to the best … Continue reading

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Disney’s The Black Hole Illustrated Adaption

Merchandise tie-ins are a given today but we may not realize just how far back they go. Walt Disney especially liked to release promotional ephemera and toys to push whatever movie he was releasing at a given time. Walt is … Continue reading

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Movie Teen Illustrated Magazine featuring Disney Celebrities

If you grew up in the 1950s and 1960s, likely you gushed and giggled over every word that came out of the mouth of your favorite crush! Publishers took full advantage of the interest in even the youngest of celebrities, … Continue reading

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Walt Disney Company Magazine Advertising Pages

Another great type of collectible that fits into just about anyone’s display space is what is called ‘ephemera’. Ephemera is defined as “items of collectible memorabilia, typically written or printed ones, that were originally expected to have only short-term usefulness.” … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Illustrated Magazine – The Pleasures of the Past

I’ve set the Wayback Machine to 1975 on a sweltering July day. It’s time to explore some of The Pleasures of the Past via the esteemed Nostalgia Illustrated magazine! Who’s ready for some dog-eared, yellowing, smelly fun? This old magazine … Continue reading

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