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Nostalgia Illustrated Magazine – The Pleasures of the Past

I’ve set the Wayback Machine to 1975 on a sweltering July day. It’s time to explore some of The Pleasures of the Past via the esteemed Nostalgia Illustrated magazine! Who’s ready for some dog-eared, yellowing, smelly fun? This old magazine … Continue reading

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LIFE Magazine featuring Mickey Mouse Animation

It’s not uncommon for Disney to be featured in magazines. Walt and Mickey have graced the covers of countless periodicals over the years. This one comes to us from 1978 when Disney animation was struggling to keep an audience. So … Continue reading

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Pirates of the Caribbean Promotional Magazine

This is a wonderful promotional magazine from 1974. The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction was first opened at Disneyland in 1967 and then at Walt Disney World in 1973, so this magazine was well timed to generate interest in the … Continue reading

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Disney Print Advertising Pages

Who would have thought that a page out of an old magazine could become a collectible just because it advertised a character, candy, or a mundane service? And when you combine a beloved product with a cool spokesperson… it even … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Commemorative Edition LIFE Magazine – Gene Wilder

From time to time I pick up a copy of the Commemorative Editions of LIFE magazine. I find them well written. I also appreciate the comprehensive overview of the subject in question, this time, Gene Wilder: This is basically a … Continue reading

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DISNEYLAND 1968 Pictorial Souvenir & GUIDE

Once again we travel back in time and visit a Disney park as it was, this time in 1968. Disneyland had only been open for 13 short years, but had already undergone some significant changes from opening day. Let’s do … Continue reading

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WALT DISNEY WORLD 1983 Pictorial Souvenir and GUIDE

Some of the best pieces of merchandise Disney ever put on the shelves were, and are, the wonderful pictorial souvenir booklets! You could buy one to remember your visit or collect them all over the years to get a clear … Continue reading

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The WINDSOR STAR Weekend Magazine

This large format 28-page magazine supplement was quite an impressive publication in its day! The two copies that I have were inserted into the weekend edition of The Windsor Star newspaper in the late 1970’s. It had both black and … Continue reading

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There’s nothing I love as much as old collectibles than old magazines about old collectibles! And recently I was able to pick up thirteen issues of Collectors’ Showcase, ‘America’s Premiere Pictorial Magazine for Collectors’. Long name, great content! Now why … Continue reading

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Tomart’s Disneyana – Issue 8

I have all 74 issues of this great magazine, most in one place, but I need to locate others. But here is issue #8:..This issues coverage starts out on the inside cover with merchandise from Indiana Jones Adventure in Disneyland..Next … Continue reading

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