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Mickey Mouse Club Ranger Woodlore Vinylmation

Who’s the leader of the bears who’s made for you and Humphrey? It’s Ranger Woodlore, that’s who! And I love how happy he looks with the role: This is a marvelous figurine! It depicts Ranger Woodlore as he appeared in … Continue reading

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Disneyland Annual Passholder Balloon Mickey Vinylmation

We have only visited Disneyland once and that was way back in 2013. The weather could have been better but the crowds were thin and we definitely had a good time! And if you’ve been reading this blog for any … Continue reading

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Sherlock Holmes Collection plus DVD Sets and More

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Three guesses as to who spoke this famous quote! Yes, it was Sherlock Holmes. The sleuth created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has endured from the late … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Steampunk Novel and Vinylmation

I’ve long heard of the steampunk style, and have seen Disney dabble in it from time to┬átime. I’ve liked the look of the merchandise that has been released (artwork, vinylmations, figurines, etc.) but until now have never purchased anything. That … Continue reading

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Director Mickey Mouse Vinylmation

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio My wife got me this Director Mickey Mouse Vinylmation as a gift. Here he is visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios Walt Disney World with us. . . From the information I’ve seen, he was available at a … Continue reading

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Vinylmation Classic Collection

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio I long for the days when Disney would release Vinylmation Series I have no interest in at all! But They keep coming out with wave after wave of character Vinyls that I can’t resist! This is … Continue reading

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Villainous Disney Vinylmations

Are you a collector of just hero Vinylmations, or is there room in your collection for a few villains? Villains 3 Series offers some unsavory characters you may not be able to say ‘no’ to. To begin, take a look … Continue reading

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Donald and Pluto Storybook Vinylmations

So, are you a Vinylmation fan? We are here at Disney Nouns and have quite a few figures between us. Sometimes we come across some sets that we just can’t resist: This Theme Park exclusive Storybook Vinylmations set comes from … Continue reading

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Disney Store 25th Anniversary Merchandise

The Disney Store celebrated its 25th anniversary on March 28th. In addition to the Mickey Ears given to the first 250 guests, they had an exclusive 25th Anniversary Vinylmation: I’m not sure if it’s limited, as there is no indication … Continue reading

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Figment Journeys into Space beyond Imagination

Just a quick post to share a Park Starz Vinylmation featuring Figment: This Figment is from Park Series 7, representing Figment in his space suit from Journey Into Imagination. And he has his tail painted on: By artist Thomas Scott. … Continue reading

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