Minnie Mouse Ear Ring Jewellery Stand

Today we visit what one can only assume should be a crime scene! It looks like we have gone back in time to the gangster era when people were regularly riddled with bullets. Fortunately, cartoon characters never die from such wounds, but still… it must have hurt!

Seriously though, Minnie isn’t riddled with bullets, just holes for the placement of ear rings. Now that’s not so bad, is it?

That must have hurt! Just a little bit?

Minnie looks happy enough though, so no harm no foul. Sporting her vintage look with polka dot skirt and that iconic flower hat, she is stylin’ as she guards your best costume jewellery.

This pewter (?) or stainless steel piece is painted only on one side. And if you turn it sideways, it almost disappears!

The copyright is Walt Disney Productions which places this accessory to before 1987, when this particular trademark name was discontinued. For a look at Disney trademarks and what years they covered, check out this companion post.

I wonder if Minnie will turn green if you put a cheap pairs of ear rings on her?

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Schmid Mickey Mouse as Baseball Player Musical Figurine

Take me out to the ball game, take me out with the crowd.

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, I don’t care if I never get back!

And thus began the great American pastime: Baseball. Mickey is once again suiting up to play with the team. But will it be the winning team?

Let me root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame!

For it’s one, two, three strikes “You’re out!”, at the old ball game.

Well, if the home team loses, I don’t think it will be because Mickey didn’t give it his all! Just look at his wind up:

Schmid consistently does a great job with these ceramic musical figurines. You wind up the plastic disc underneath and flick the switch to watch the figure turn to a relevant tune. In this case, as you may have guessed, that tune is Take Me Out to the Ball Game.

The level of detailing is always nice. Mickey has cleats on his shoes, a hanky in his back pocket, and a nice uniform. The closest actual team I could find that this uniform might be inspired by is the Red Sox. But they never had a cap like Mickey’s. The colour of the uniform is correct for that team, though.

I don’t know how many figures were released in the Walt Disney Characters collection, or if they all featured Mickey, but it is likely they all featured sports.

Schmid has released countless, and I mean you can’t count how many, Disney-themed musical figurines. I have many partial sets and a few complete ones. As always with collecting, the thrill is often in the hunt. Completing a series is very enjoyable!

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Ashton-Drake Disney ‘All Packed’ Porcelain Doll

I’ve added a third member to my Ashton-Drake porcelain doll collection. They all have a Disney theme. But this little blond girl just may be the cutest of the trio! But don’t tell them I said so, you’re not supposed to have a favorite child.

With her Minnie Ears and Minnie Mouse patch overalls, and let’s not overlook the polka dots, she’s ready to stand out at the Parks!

Her head, hands, and legs, are porcelain. The rest of the body is cloth with stuffing. The outfit is fabric with the accessories being highly detailed.

Each Disney doll in this series has a Disney accessory, or accessories, of their own. For blondie here, she gets the Disney-themed clothing of course, but also an excellent piece of carry-on luggage:

Is it American Tourister?

They went above and beyond with this accessory! It has a collapsible handle, a luggage tag, and the wheels actually turn. The zipper also works but it is does not open the bag. There is nothing inside.

Below are the boxes the doll came in:

How much value today?

So the tagline for Ashton-Drake dolls is ‘Bringing You Dolls of Irresistible Value’. This particular example sold for $150.00 when it was released but I just bought it second hand for just $30.00 but that included another doll and a display case, that you will see as you scroll up. That said, my research shows that other ‘All Packed’ dolls have sold for between $25.00 and $625.00 on eBay. An average price is listed at $135.00 US.

Each doll comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a 6-page booklet giving the backstory of the character, unpacking instructions, and a bio of the artist. In this case, one Alex Tsalikhin. You can enlarge any of the images above to read these snippets for yourself.

Family Portrait

My little addition is part of the Goin’ to Walt Disney World Collection. But she fits in so well with my other two Ashton-Drake Disney-themed dolls, who are also ready for a trip to the Vacation Kingdom. The older girl is from the First Day at Walt Disney World Collection (she’s missing her balloon and shopping bag accessories) and the boy is also from the First Day at Walt Disney World Collection (he still has his Goofy hat and box of popcorn). This collection stopped firing in 2002. I don’t know the exact year that the Goin’ to Walt Disney Collection ceased firing, but the lady I bought her off of said she thinks she purchased the doll in either 2000 or 2001, so it is likely it ceased firing in 2002 as well.

Who said quarantine couldn’t be fun?

As mentioned, this latest acquisition came with an acrylic display case just the right size for my porcelain family. Finally, no more trying to get dust out of their hair! My live-in cleaner/duster (aka: my wife) is rejoicing. We’ll let them out to play once in a while.

I have one more Ashton-Drake porcelain doll, this one from the Babies in Dreamland Collection. You’ll be amazed at the level of realism and the sheer cuteness of a ‘baby’ in a Goofy onesie!

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Places: Royal Beach Driftwood Sculptures

Royal Beach is on Vancouver Island just 20 minutes outside of Victoria., BC. It is being developed as a destination for seaside living. To entice buyers there is a very nice beach area with wonderful driftwood sculptures.

We visited recently and got some excellent shots of the area:

Photo Op

And now I will dispense with the chatter and just let you enjoy the Driftwood Sculptures alongside the beautiful sunset:

Eagle on Post


Eagle with Chick

There simply is no greater pleasure than exploring this wonderful planet and seeing both the natural wonders and some manmade creations as well!

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40th Anniversary Star Wars Collectible Tin w/Books

In a country far, far, away, a British publishing company was tasked with printing and distributing a collectible for a franchise of immense popularity. This collectible would reach into every other country and relieve Star Wars fans of their hard-earned money. Only the Rebels would resist. The rest… would pay any price!

I bought it used from a charity shop for just $7.99 CAN. Hey, I’m a fan… not stupid.

I will admit though that I thought it came with a copy of the original Star Wars movie that started it all, A New Hope, but it didn’t. But the books it contains are well worth the purchase anyway.

This was released 40 years after the first Star Wars movie hit theatres, so in 2017. Which is already almost 5 years ago! Time is moving faster than the Millennium Falcon during a jump into Hyperspace!

The tin is embossed with an image of the Death Star. But you have to flip it over to see the advertising page on the back to know what is inside and how much you had to pay. In Europe, it was almost 15 pounds, or about $20.00 US.

First is a nice and simplified novelization of the original movie, A New Hope, by Ryder Windham. On the back cover you can clearly see that this novel was not released to book stores for sale, but only with this collectible.

But as great as the novelization is, the Doodle Book is the star of this tin:

Drawn in a childlike manner, the pictures already make you laugh! But the real fun comes from being able to draw in your own interpretations of some of the key scenes from the movie. And there’s some silly made-up scenes too!

The last image in the Doodle Book corrects a mistake that many Star Wars fans have always wanted to see corrected:

I’ll share one last image to show just how fun and funny these pictures are:

I remember the iconic scene above, but I don’t remember Princess Leia doing that! Although I could totally see her doing it.

Back Cover

Don’t worry, the droids you’re looking for are in the book too! Did we just get a ‘Thumbs Up’ from C-3P0?

While you’re here, why not check out The Jedi Training Academy in Disneyland and some Star Wars Cosplayers at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair. If you thought Ewoks were adorable, you’ll flip over the infant Stormtroopers we saw!

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Schmid Mickey Mouse as Golfer Musical Figurine

Mickey is heading in on the Back Nine with perfect alignment as he addresses the ball looking to make a shot with a good approach to the carpet. Will he get an Ace? Or will he make a fat shot? Of course, he would rather make a flush shot, but it could end up a freshie. Who can know until after the club is swung!

Our format of play today will be to show images of our collectible musical figurine followed by some witty and insightful text. Well, there’ll be images. So please submit your green fees and we will begin:

We seem to be catching up with Mickey from the 1980s with this nice piece. The level of detail is decent and the paintwork is excellent! Note the pencil and card in his back pocket. I wonder if he’s a Bandit?

Mickey is styling from all sides with a nice pair of red shorts, blue-striped shirt, and neon orange cap. If you can’t play good golf, at least look like a good golfer. Is that a thing?

This figurine is part of the Walt Disney Characters line. The two examples I have both feature Mickey engaging in a sport.

Schmid is famous for producing collectibles like these but ceased operation in 1995.

The music played is called ‘Good Old Summer Time’, and the chorus goes a little something like this:

In the good old summertime
In the good old summertime
Strolling through a shady lane
With your baby mine
You hold her hand and she holds yours
And that’s a very good sign
That she’s your tootsey-wootsey
In the good, old summertime

‘In the Good Old Summertime’ is an American Tin Pan Alley song first published in 1902 with music by George Evans and lyrics by Ren Shields.

The odd thing is that the only thing mentioned in this song that remotely resembles a sport is swimming, so why it is being paired with Mickey Mouse playing golf is questionable. Although, one would tend to play golf mainly in the summer.

FUN FACTS: A Duff in golf terminology is a mishit. So to make a great stretch of connection here, Duffy is Mickey’s teddy bear. Which in American markets has turned out to be a mishit with Disney fans. Only in Asia has Duffy been embraced, even spawning a group of other animal friends. But again, in North America… a BIG mishit!

You can see a nice Schmid musical figurine featuring Mickey playing tennis by clicking the link.

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Goofy Finds His Marbles Game by Whitman

Goofy is my favorite Disney character, so when I find a piece of merchandise that features him… I just hand my money over. This time is was only $10.00 CAN happily! But a game called ‘Goofy Finds his Marbles’ intrigued me because it’s commonly known that he lost them long ago. So finding them is big news!

Also intriguing is that in the game play you tend to lose the marbles… so I’m confused… just like Goofy! Well, gawrsh, wha’dya think about that?

Lost or Found?

A role best fitted to the Goof wouldn’t be a detective. I’m just sayin’. But a detective he is and in search of his marbles. We as players of the game can help.

The short and long sides of the box repeat the same information with the inclusion of a contents list on the long side.

The game needs to be propped up so as to allow the marbles to roll down inside the box to land in one of five rewards or penalties spots. They are:

Goofy Forgets Spy Coat. Start Over

Donald Catches Thief. Go Ahead 5

Pluto Sniffs Wrong Clue. Go Back 4

Mickey Helps Goofy. Go Ahead 3

Goofy Loses His Marbles. Go Back 2

With the spinner, you can move between one and five spaces. You can choose between four colours of marbles:

The game is designed for two to four players between the ages of four and eight. My wife and I played it (just to test it, you understand) and it was fun, but obviously wouldn’t hold the attention of older children.

The game play is basic and found in many other games: You spin the spinner, get a number between 1-5, move your marble along the path, if you fall in a hole your marble falls to the bottom into a slot, you do what the slot says, you move on, then the next player begins. Game play ends when someone reaches the finish with an exact spin.

It all began for Whitman Publishing in 1938 when they began to publish coin and stamp collecting books and materials. Along the way they started publishing other books and distributing games and puzzles, sometimes based on Disney franchises. They also published illustrated card games including War, Hearts, Fish, Old Maid, and Crazy Eights. The company is now owned by Anderson Press.

In the two games my wife and I played, I won, or found my marbles first, both times. As far as I know, she is still looking for hers. I’ll pay for that later!

If you’d like to see some examples from my collection of the Books and Puzzles produced by Whitman, just click the links!

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Disney’s Television Zorro Puzzle by Jaymar

Out of the night, when the full moon is bright,

Comes a horseman known as Zorro!

This bold renegade… carves a ‘Z’ with his blade,

A ‘Z’ that stands for Zorro!

Zorro, the fox so cunning and free.

Zorro, who makes the sign of the ‘Z’!

Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! Zorro! Zorro!

Based on the infamous character created by Johnston McCulley, Disney’s version of the antihero premiered on October 10, 1957 on the ABC television network. The final episode was broadcast on July 2, 1959. Seventy-eight episodes were produced in all, with four hour-long specials being aired later.

Headlined by Guy Williams as Zorro himself and Henry Calvin as his hapless foil Sargent Garcia, the series gave us week after week of swashbuckling fun, and singing (let’s not forget the singing!) And I think there was dancing also.

Just like Davy Crocket before him, Zorro begat merchandise like few other franchises could! And this post shares a wonderful little piece of collectible nostalgia:

Jaymar Specialty Company out of New York produced many puzzles back in the day and Disney partnered with them to promote many of their properties. Jaymar started producing toys in the late 1920s but also did puzzles until they ceased doing business in 1990.

Short Side of Box

Most often the sides of a puzzle or game box will simply repeat the same information. The only different being that the longer side may contain additional information.

Long Side of Box

The long side of this puzzle box adds the maker’s name and address and country of manufacture. Many puzzles and games I find are usually re-released versions of American products produced by a Canadian company. But this example was actually manufactured in the United States.

If you look carefully, you’ll notice that the image on the front of the box is slightly different from the image on the finished puzzle. This is simply because the actual puzzle was cropped. The right side and bottom of the puzzle have been trimmed. Also, the title of the image, ‘Flashing Steel!’, does not actually appear on the puzzle itself.

This is copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions which means it was sold before 1987 when that trademark name was discontinued. My research indicates that the puzzle is actually from 1958. Some selling sites have it listed for over $40.00 CAN but I paid only $10.00 from a local seller on Kijiji.

I also have a Zorro 78 RPM Record that features Henry Calvin and his beautiful singing voice. And I found a Zorro Cape & Mask for sale at an antique market. It had a price tag too high for my taste so I just took a quick picture. But you can see it by clicking the link!

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Walt Disney Pictures Disney Store Backpack

Who remembers shopping at the Disney Store? Of course we all do, it hasn’t been that long since the last location closed. But do you remember the best thing about shopping in person at a Disney Store? Was it the promotional lithographs when a new movie was released? Or the exclusive plush? Or the… whatever!

shopDisney just won’t be the same, will it? I wonder if that website will offer discounts on selected merchandise when you purchase a certain dollar amount. That is how I obtained the Walt Disney Pictures backpack I’m sharing in this post:

I believe this was around $10.00 after a certain purchase level, which I can’t remember. But it made a better option for carrying my stash home than a plastic bag! I’m so environmentally conscious sometimes, it almost hurts.

It is made with a fair amount of quality with minimal features. It has an interior pocket with only one big compartment otherwise.

On the front we have a zippered pocket for a phone or car keys. Or tissues. Or masks. Or whatever whatever.

The straps on the back are nicely padded.

The only thing I found strange was the inclusion of the Walt Disney Pictures logo. This branding hasn’t been used for years after the Mouse changed its movie logo to just a curt ‘Disney’. But it is a nice throwback with a nostalgic vibe.

This backpack is not available on shopDisney so was likely a Disney Store exclusive.

For more backpacking fun, check out my Disney-themed phone that features Mickey Mouse backpacking the receiver, or my vintage Woody backpack. You’ll be glad ya did, Pardner!

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Funko Soda Stan Lee Vinyl Figure

Stan ‘The Man’ Lee passed away on November 12 of 2018. A comic book legend, he helped to create some of the most iconic fictional characters of our modern age. Spiderman, anyone? To his fans, he was a superhero himself.

So how fitting that POW! Entertainment and Funko would Marvel Team-Up to produce the one and only Stan Lee Funko Soda:

They made a can of soda and charged ya some dough,

But, no, no, don’t drink it though!

It’ll make ya ill if you guzzle a gulp of Stan,

’cause there ain’t no pop in this Funko Soda can!

Lyrics by Tex Richman

This is my first Funko Soda so I didn’t know how it opened. I was happy that the pull tab on the top wasn’t real and that the top just popped off, keeping the can intact for future use and storage of the figure. Want to know everything about how to open one?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to open a Funko Soda collectible:

  • Take off the shrink wrap (duh!)
  • Hold the can facing upwards (double-duh!)
  • Now grab the metal cap at the top of the can and lift. It should pop off, but you may need to give a twist
  • Take out the Funko Soda Figure contained within the black plastic bag
  • Rip open the bag and remove the Soda Figure from the bubble wrap
  • You will also find a collectible disc at the bottom of the can

Only bubble wrap can neutralize True Believers. Even Super Stan is helpless within its clutches! But once I freed him, I had a Marvel Two-in-One: A collectible can and a collectible vinyl figure.

POW! Entertainment is a media production company formed in 2001 by Gill Champion, Arthur Lieberman and our beloved former Marvel Comics editor and publisher Stan Lee. 

The can lists this collectible as 1 of 8,000. However, the Pog-type disc that I found in the bottom of the can claims to be 1 of 6,700. So I’m confused! Being new to this line of merchandise, I don’t know just what this is. If you do understand the difference in numbering, please leave a comment to help us out!

Apparently you can remove the figures from the cans without diminishing their value. You don’t need to keep the black plastic bag or the bubble wrap, but I suggest keeping at least the bubble wrap for future storage or shipping, if you should choose to sell.

A little bit of Stan just isn’t enough, so to satiate your Super Thirst for more of him, check out my Book Review of Stan Lee’s Marvelous Memoir. It’s worth shouting about from atop your Soap Box!

From the beginning, you knew how I was going to end this post, didn’t you? Then: ‘Nuff Said!

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