Disneyland Paris Marque-Page (Bookmark)

Just came across this little souvenir in my collection of ephemera. I don’t remember where I got it, but I do know where I didn’t get it! I’ve been to England twice in recent years and both times I wanted to cross the border into France to visit Disneyland Paris. But alas, it never happened.

So I have to content myself with this Disneyland Paris Marque-Page (Bookmark):

It has a fairly standard pic of Mickey Mouse but a more interesting image featuring Pluto, Marie (from the Aristocats) and the struggling for acceptance Duffy, the Disney Bear. All three of them are dressed in dapper fashion as befits visitors to Disneyland Paris.

If you would like to visit this Theme Park, check out my review of the Adventures by Disney – Britain and France Tour post from 2014. Some aspects of the tours may have changed, but I’m sure the countries themselves are still pretty much as picturesque and interesting as always!

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The Incredibles II Stackable Drink Coasters

We had to wait until 2018 for a sequel to the original Incredibles movie from Pixar but it wasn’t worth the wait. The franchise had the potential to create a string of hits but the second outing pretty much undid everything from the first and defeated the heroes!

Screenslaver is the villain of the piece and features in the background of The Incredibles II Stackable Drink Coasters:

Only the bottom coaster is a solid image with the other three coaters being clear with a character or characters printed on them. When you stack them, you get a kickin’ action shot! Checkout the effect as I place each coater on the base in turn:

As always, even if a movie isn’t top notch, it can still generate some awesome merchandise!

If The Incredibles II was your idea of the perfect action / superhero movie, then a post featuring the family that fights together on a deck of Jumbo playing cards might be for you. Or perhaps your into action figures? Check out my collection of tiny Funko vinyl. Big and small, I collect them all!

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Photo Spot: Is this the BIGGEST Hidden Mickey EVER?

I’ll leave you to decide why this, may I say, BIGGEST Hidden Mickey, is on the side of the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World.

But it was, and it was hard to miss:

I’d hate to be the guy who had to hang that thing!

But is it really a ‘hidden’ Mickey?

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Toy Story Collection “Feelin’ Sheepish” Plate

“Woody and Bo Peep, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Well, that’s never happened because Woody is a bit sheepish around his gal! Of course, everyone ends up sheepish around Bo Peep because, well, she has sheep.

With that out of the way, let’s have a look at the second release in the Toy Story Collection – “Feelin’ Sheepish” Plate series:

This series simply uses the computer animation art from Pixar Animation Studios. But the moments from the film that are used definitely invoke key themes.

I likely won’t find the other plates in this series, so I will have to find a way to display my one acquisition all on its own. Or I could swap out a plate from my wall display:

But I likely won’t. I love the ones I have there already too much to move them! Here is the full set of four:

eBay Seller: ptk-allstar

Here is the back of the plate with all of the pertinent information:

The Bradford Exchange released this plate in 1996. It carries the Bradex Number of 84-B10-546.2 for all those who know what that means. Bradford Exchange limited this plate to 95 firing days, which could mean that thousands were made. Don’t expect items like this to hold any real value. You can buy them for around $20.00 on the Internet. I got mine for just $5.00 at an antique store.

Who’s feelin’ sheepish now?

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In the Wild: Minnie Mouse Bow Baseball Cap

With millions of people visiting Disney Parks around the world daily, it’s no surprise that cool items of merchandise show up in Charity Shops. Sooner or later, they all tire of the swag!

So while In the Wild I found this Minnie Mouse Bow Baseball Cap:

I know that this is sized for an adult and I can only assume it was owned by a woman. Did she fail to listen to Peter Pan and gone and grown up? Perish the thought!

This cap was made out of 100% Cotton in Taiwan for the Disney Parks brand.

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POP! Icons Disney 100 Walt Disney w/Dumbo & Timothy

It remains to be seen how this latest celebration of Disney will turn out. The last couple have met with challenges and fallen pretty much flat. Will the Disney 100 promotion suffer the same fate? Not if the merchandise I’ve seen so far is any indication!

Let’s have a look at the POP! Icons Disney 100 Walt Disney with Dumbo and Timothy:

I already have one of these wonderful POP! Icons vinyl figures featuring Walt. The one where he is holding a drawing. But there are a few more in this Walt series, and I’m on the hunt for them all!

Next, let’s check out the packaging:

I was thrilled to find this figure because it’s based on a vintage picture of Walt that I have never seen. And that’s getting pretty rare for this Disney fan! Seeing the image in question on the back of the package was amazing.

It doesn’t show perfectly in the pictures, but Walt is presented in Sepia tones to mimic the old time photograph the figure is based on. It’s a very nice touch!

Disney has a lot of time left to release more Disney 100 merchandise. My wife has already started to hide my wallet.

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Disney Designs on T-SHIRTS: Part Two

It was way back in July of 2016 when I posted Part One. So this post has been seven years in the making! So we better get on with it.

Welcome to Disney Designs on T-SHIRTS – Part Two:

I have enjoyed many a Disney vacation experience. Most were at Walt Disney World, where the t-shirts featured in this post were found. One visit was at Disneyland in California. And we’ve done one Disney Cruise.

Three very different vacation experiences with one main commonality: Merchandise!

I burst out laughing in the store when I saw these Gaston T’s. In answer I say: “Yes, I do too” and “Yes, I am.”

I love vintage iconography. They bring back such nostalgia for how things were once upon a time in the Parks. Do you miss certain parades, attractions, or stores?

Peter Pan is such a great character! Again, I burst out laughing when I read ‘It’s a trap!’ It certainly is, boys, it certainly is!

Hungry? Disney is masterful at creating must-have items. Their food service is no exception. Have you enjoyed a Mickey Pretzel or Turkey Leg? Did you enjoy them enough to walk around advertising them for free on your T?

Retro imagery is always a win for t-shirts. These colourful offerings are so iconic and fun!

The only gripe I have about Disney T’s is the price. When I started to visit Walt Disney World again in 2006, I felt the pricing for entry level t-shirts was reasonable within the Theme Park realm. But lately a simple T can run you between $30 -50 US. They are becoming a once-in-a-lifetime purchase instead of one per visit!

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In the Wild: Baby Minnie Mouse Purse

Cute can be found even In the Wild. And this was proven for me recently when I saw this little Baby Minnie Mouse Purse in a local Charity Shop:

There was a time when this would have come home with me, but I just can’t take the strange looks and judgement anymore!

Minnie is about 10″ tall with a wrist strap on the side. Inside, she has a simple fabric divider providing two sides to put your stuff.

It would have been nice, and more fun, if she had a little tail and you could see her polka dot skirt. She looks like she is in the buff from the back!

The purse is made out of a sturdy and easily washable vinyl.

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Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Lighting Fixtures

It’s no secret that Disney goes all out for theming in the Parks and Resorts. I always find something to photograph when I visit. And I photograph a LOT!

My tip to other amateur photographers: Don’t forget to look up!

You can find these four HUGE round lighting fixtures in the Landscape of Flavors restaurant at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida. Each has a distinct theme based on Nature.

Hungry? The Landscape of Flavors is “serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. This area features 5 distinctive food shops serving fresh, made-to-order cuisine. From tasty international fare to classic American favorites, there’s something to satisfy everyone at this casual dining venue.” And lots of eye candy too!

For some awesome artwork from the Landscape of Flavors restaurant, check out my earlier post appropriately entitled Disney’s Art of Animation Resort Artwork.

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Book Review: WDPs Snowball Express

Publisher: Scholastic Book Services

Year: 1980

Pages: 122

Type: Softcover

ISBN: 0-590-30359-7

Riotous fun for everyone – that’s SNOW BIZ!

Snowball Express is a 1972 screwball comedy from Walt Disney Productions that was directed by Norman Tokar. It follows the story of a man who leaves his middle class job to run a hotel left to him by his great uncle. We would have to wait 8 years for this novelization!

The full plot of the movie is far too convoluted to lay down here. But it was a fun ride in the tradition of Disney’s live-action comedies of the 1960s and 70s. Faithful Dean Jones (1931-2015) led the cast with many Disney regulars filling out the supporting roles.

These novelizations are usually condensed versions of the movie they chronicle and are written in a simple style so that even young readers can enjoy them.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be a city slicker stuck in an artic environment trying to run a Ski Resort without being able to ski… then this story is for you! Oh. And you don’t have any money.

Harry Morgan (1915-2011) is never the star of these live-action romps but always seems to show up on screen as a rascally character, both good and bad. This performance predated his M.A.S.H. role by three years.

I would give this book a 4 Out of 5 Stars. It does what it sets out to do but offers little beyond the movie itself.

For more paperback fun, check out my review of Lt. Robin Crusoe, U.S.N. But beware! There’s a monkey.

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