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Pixar’s BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Bust Clock

If you’re going to defeat the evil Emperor Zurg, you’d better be on time! No Space Ranger can afford to be late to the battle. So built into the space suit of every Cadet is a handy dandy, regulation, digital … Continue reading

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Wreck-It Ralph ‘Video Game’ Alarm Clock

An alarm clock isn’t a prize. Or… is it? Who remembers the old Disney Movie Rewards program? As with so many other Disney programs, this one was reworked and then renamed, in this case as Disney Movie Insiders. Is it … Continue reading

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Found Disney: Mr. BEAN Tells Time with Mickey

I recently purchased a DVD set of the complete Mr. Bean shorts. You’ll recognize this name as the mime-like character created by Rowan Atkinson. And of course I noticed immediately that there was a Disney tie-in! In the very first … Continue reading

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Black Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock

My favorite part of using my iPhone to get up in the morning is the variety of sounds I have to choose from, and that it has a snooze feature. And it’s quiet! When we first got the alarm clock … Continue reading

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Disney’s ‘Plane Crazy’ Alarm Clock

This clock portrays Mickey and Minnie in a scene from their (truly) first cartoon: Plane Crazy. There is an alarm, which is turned on and off by pushing the horseshoe. It’s pretty primitive, but still works fine, with a new … Continue reading

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