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Pixar ‘Inside Out’ Anger Mini Tsum Tsum

Pixar released its 15th full-length animated film in 2015 to rave reviews and viewer delight. I thoroughly enjoyed Inside Out! But what I really loved was finding my new ‘Spirit Buddy’ in the form of the character named Anger. Just … Continue reading

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CANADIAN COMIC STRIP Character Development and Execution

It all started many years ago when I decided to try my hand at cartooning. But what subject matter could I choose that would stand out from the cluttered fields of serialized comic strips of the day? I wanted it … Continue reading

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Pixar Limited Release REMIX LGM Plush – Part One

As of the time of this posting, many of the Disney Theme Parks are still closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So many are suffering withdrawals! What can pick up our spirits? LGM! One way to combat this social problem … Continue reading

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More INSIDE OUT Zanai Chocolate Eggs

I was starting to go off Pixar movies until Inside Out hit theaters and I was in love with the studio all over again! It was difficult subject matter so I was apprehensive but ultimately delighted with the results. I … Continue reading

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Pixar’s INSIDE OUT Zanai Chocolate Eggs

Zanai has done it again! Just when I think I can resist their chocolate eggs, they go and make them irresistable by adding Disney or Pixar characters I just have to have:      Two ways to view chocolate: Joy and … Continue reading

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Glow in the Dark ‘Inside Out’ ANGER Figurine

I’m quite taken with the Anger character from Pixar’s hit movie Inside Out. I now have several likenesses of him. This latest one may be on the fast track to become my favorite:   This is a figure released in … Continue reading

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Pixar’s Inside Out – ANGER Plush

Disney/Pixar’s latest movie success came from the mind of a teenage girl. Well, not exactly, it obviously came from the minds of hundreds of very talented and creative people! But it was about the mind of a teenage girl. I … Continue reading

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Disney Movie Rewards – ‘Inside Out’ Funko POP!

Go ahead, just try to figure that title out! DMR stands for Disney Movie Rewards, which we’ve been members of from the beginning. We’ve redeemed points for many great rewards, the latest being these wonderful POP! figures featuring the characters … Continue reading

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