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The World of Miss Mindy Lumiere and Cogsworth Figurines

Beauty and the Beast is a classic story that is both loved and criticized. Stockholm Syndrome, anyone? But if you put the critical eye under a patch, you can begin to relax and simply enjoy the interesting characters and touching … Continue reading

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Schmid Belle Musical Figurine

There is no shortage of Disney Princess merchandise. Much of it is cute, some of it is pretty. But what I am sharing with you today I believe to be truly beautiful:      Schmid Musical Belle Figurine You can see … Continue reading

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Disney Springs Princess Dress Challenge

One of the most iconic things about the stereotypical Disney Princess is the dress. Each Princess has a signature dress that defines her look and image, usually based on how she looks after her transformation, whatever that may be. While … Continue reading

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Disney Princess Pencil Erasers

I can’t imagine using these cute little Princess erasers! Rubbing a part of their head off just to correct a mistake just seems… wrong somehow.          The only problem with displaying these little cuties is that their hands and … Continue reading

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Disney Princess Plush Dolls

I found these three Princesses at a charity discount store:      I think Jasmine must have convinced them to mingle with the common folk…      Snow White and Belle For a young girl who is prone to run into scary-looking … Continue reading

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Review: Enchanted Tales With Belle

Storytime With Belle It was bitter cold when we finally got to tour the new Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, Florida. We had been in the Park for over eight hours by the time we entered … Continue reading

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