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Reviews: Gracey Manor Designs – Disney Replicas

Facebook can be a very convenient way to find unique businesses. I have purchased many things from sellers in this way but have never had such a nice experience as I have with Gracey Manor Designs. I’ve been blogging on … Continue reading

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Disleelandia’s 1,000th POST Extravaganza

“It all started with a toy.” I think everyone has fond memories of a toy from their childhood. For me, I had a plush Snoopy that I slept with every night. The feeling of comfort and safety that old dog … Continue reading

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History 101: How the Disleelandia Logo Came to Be

I was visiting Walt Disney World for a year or two before I started this blog. Although the Archives show the first post as going live in 2011, the real debut of Disleelandia was in 2009. An unfortunate happenstance caused … Continue reading

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TOP 5 Indications You Are a Hopeless DISNEY FANatic

Well, I wouldn’t call myself hopeless. But others would! Since my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult in 2006 I have been hooked on The Mouse. I don’t take it overboard (no, really) but I do enjoy … Continue reading

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First Disney Cruise – Bon Voyage!

I T   B E G I N S Today! Well, as you are reading this, Karen and I should already be on our way! We are driving to Buffalo for an overnight stay before flying out tomorrow (Jan. 8th). The … Continue reading

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Would Walt Disney have Blogged?

The official Disney Blog once asked readers that very question. It was interesting to note that almost every single person who responded said ‘Yes’ without any hesitation. What would you have said? I was a little surprised to see that not many … Continue reading

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