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Disney’s Darkwing Duck Funko Plush

Darkwing Duck was an animated television series produced by The Walt Disney Company. It ran from 1991-1997 on The Disney Afternoon cartoon block. It featured a not-so super hero anthropomorphic duck, with the alter ego of Drake Mallard (voiced by Jim Cummings). And it was hilarious! So … Continue reading

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Funko Pop! Heroes and Villains Figurines

For every good hero there has to be an equally bad villain. But what if the hero isn’t necessarily successful at being heroic? Then the villains don’t really need to be all that bad, do they? The best case-in-point is … Continue reading

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Disney’s Double-O-Duck aka Darkwing Duck

It’s the pin that sticks in the night! It’s the rarity that makes medium wish it was well done! It’s: Look like anyduck you know? When you’re in trouble, ya… Call DW! Darkwing Duck that is. But the original pitch for … Continue reading

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