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Pixar’s CARS – Leroy Traffik with Snow Tires Die Cast

Into every small town must come a guy who is just passing through. He’s not interested in stopping for gas, in soaking up the local atmosphere, or buying a souvenir. So don’t ask him! He’ll just set his car alarm … Continue reading

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Disney Thrill Rides 5-Pack Die Cast Set

“Best be removin’ ’em!” This warning is heard on Big Thunder Mountain in the Disney Parks as you are embarking on the ride. It refers to hats, glasses, and anything else that might fly out of the ride vehicle during … Continue reading

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‘The Italian Job’ Movies and Die Cast Cars

It isn’t often that I like both the original film and the remake. Usually the first version has the advantage of being new and innovative while the copy ends up being, well… just a copy. The Italian Job films are … Continue reading

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Phillips 66 Die Cast 1939 Chevrolet Panel Truck

The Mother Road is so iconic that many companies have incorporated at least the number ’66’ into their names in an attempt to ride the popularity to increased business and profits. The Phillips Petroleum Company was no exception, thus: Phillips … Continue reading

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