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AFB Bone China Mickey Mouse Thimble

AFB is an elusive company to research. It doesn’t appear to be in business anymore and no information about its operation or products seems to be available. There are quite a few of these thimbles on various e-sites but few … Continue reading

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Precious Moments Minnie Mouse as Cinderella Figurine

Precious Moments Company, Inc. (PMI) is an American company that started selling religious greeting cards but expanded into giftware such as this Minnie Mouse as Cinderella figurine. The company was initially formed in 1978 by the illustrator Samuel J. Butcher. Cinderella got her start … Continue reading

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Pie Eye Minnie Mouse Micro Ceramic Planter

Minnie Mouse has had a few ‘signature looks’ over the years. One of her first featured a little hat with a flower sticking out of it. But almost as iconic is this little polka dot dress with a bow number. … Continue reading

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Disney Collectibles Display Cabinets Rearranged

They say you should never skip Leg Day. But for the collector, you should never skip Dusting Day! But I did. And have. For months. Well time, and my wife, finally caught up with me and the job just had … Continue reading

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Fashion Parade: Disney Nephew’s Necktie

Not too many men are wearing neckties anymore. Unless they are in business or going to a religious function, most men opt for the casual look. But today’s Fashion Parade will help them to see what they’re missing: The Disney … Continue reading

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Disney Bamboo Reusable Travel Mug

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go! I mean, when you’re late for work, you have to hurry and need to take your coffee with you. What were you thinking? And if you’re planning to take a pipping hot beverage … Continue reading

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Karina’s Shining Stars Disney Cup Sleeve

We recently celebrated our 33rd Wedding Anniversary and received some very nice gifts from friends and family. What do you get the Canadian who has everything? A Karina’s Shining Stars Disney cup sleeve to keep his Tim Hortons coffee warm, … Continue reading

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Hardcover Book Collection: Disney and More

Although I was very shy growing up, or perhaps because I was very shy, I became a voracious reader. One of the few things I would do in class at school was read out loud. I loved adventure stories like … Continue reading

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Animal Kingdom Lodge – Patterns in the Flooring

Any Disney attraction or Park yields endless opportunities for the amateur and professional photographer alike. But I don’t just want the obligatory Me-in-front-of-the-castle shot! I want weird. So I frame some of my shots at odd angles and zoom in … Continue reading

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Disney Trademarks Throughout the Years

We’ve all done this: We’re browsing in an antique shop or at a flea market and come across a Disney treasure. We know we’ve found something special, but how old is it? We pick it up and turn it over, … Continue reading

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