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Zink Dumbo the Flying Elephant ‘Piggy’ Bank

I’ve always found it hard to determine the exact metals that some collectables are made out of. Without a stamp of some kind, it’s so hard to tell. We’ll have a look at some letters found on this figure later … Continue reading

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Disney Theme Park Attraction Keepsake Boxes

We bought these cute little keepsake boxes in Walt Disney World many years ago. I can’t remember the price but they weren’t too expensive. We liked the ornate carving on the front and were quite taken with the added detail … Continue reading

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Walt Disney World ‘2000’ Collector Plate

Most of the year-themed collectors merchandise tends to be a bit generic. Just a bunch of Disney characters standing around a number while smiling and waving. So if you buy a 2016 t-shirt at Walt Disney World to commemorate your … Continue reading

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A ‘Trip to Disneyland Game’

I have quite a collection of Disney games. You can see most of them in the post entitled Disney Game Night. With the 60th Anniversary of Disneyland I thought it might be nice to take a closer look at one … Continue reading

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Disney Salt and Pepper Shakers

Collecting salt and pepper shakers is almost a right of passage for any serious collector. Whether your passion is Elvis, ketchup, or kittens, likely you have a salt and pepper set depicting that passion! Hello. My name is Lee. I … Continue reading

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