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Kai-VeiKau FIJI Hawaiian-style Shirt

Leave it to a guy from Ontario to visit British Columbia only to buy a vintage shirt that came from Fiji. Yup, I get around! Not much can be found about the company Kai-VeiKau nowadays, and it seems that the … Continue reading

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Disney-themed Baseball Caps

It’s interesting that although we only have one head, we seem to accumulate more than one hat. And it’s not just because there are different seasons! No, we seem to need dozens of hats for every season! And a Disney … Continue reading

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Behold the Tiki Goof at Disneyland, California

One of the lesser known Tiki personas, this strange character has been spotted only once at the Disneyland Resort in California. The Tiki Goof is known for making a fool of himself and generally drawing nervous glances from passers-by. And … Continue reading

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