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“Let’s Go” – Walt Disney’s Big Track Meet Game

Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Pluto and Goofy are the ‘athletes’ trying for the Championship. Someone has given José (Joe) Carioca a pair of starter pistols and he yells “Let’s Go!” But will it be the natural athletic ability of each … Continue reading

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Goofy Finds His Marbles Game by Whitman

Goofy is my favorite Disney character, so when I find a piece of merchandise that features him… I just hand my money over. This time is was only $10.00 CAN happily! But a game called ‘Goofy Finds his Marbles’ intrigued … Continue reading

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Star Wars ‘The Mandalorian’ Playing Card Set

At the time of this post there have been just two seasons of The Mandalorian. But what a ride it’s been! Pretty much everyone agrees that the show is one of the best Star Wars productions to date. So naturally, … Continue reading

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Grenada Disney-themed Sports Stamps

Grenada is an island country in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. It consists of the main island of Grenada, two lesser islands, and several tiny islands as well. The main island is is 348.5 square … Continue reading

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Disney’s Pocahontas Character POGS

POGS are a cardboard or plastic disk printed with a design or picture which are collected or swapped by children or used in games. The game aspect started as Milk Caps and through the magic of commercialism and marketing became … Continue reading

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Barrel of Monkeys Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

A group that is having fun and enjoying themselves is often said to be having “more fun than a barrel of monkeys.” But what is the origin of that saying? Barrel of Monkeys is a game released by Lakeside Toys in 1965. … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Bagatelle Pinball Game

And just what is a ‘Bagatelle’, you ask? Well, I have the answer: It’s a game in which small balls are hit and then allowed to roll down a sloping board on which there are holes, each numbered with the … Continue reading

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The Disneyland Game – Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom

So what colour do you want? Me, I like red! Yes folks, it’s Game Night tonight, and you’re invited to play the Happiest Game on Earth. The Disneyland Game – Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom is an easy but … Continue reading

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Disneyland Pinball Game by Wolverine Toy

Who doesn’t like a game of pinball? But who has room in their home for a full-size version? Not me! So I was delighted to find this fun table version with a Disneyland theme: Tinkerbell is on hand to help … Continue reading

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‘Something Wild!’ Card Game of Character Combos

I’ve been collecting a few Funko Pop! figurines but only recently knew that the company also produced a card game called Something Wild! Let’s have a look at the packaging: This game comes in a few variations with each containing … Continue reading

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