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Burger King Kids Club – Goofy and Max Innertube Toy

I really had to think about what to call this little plastic… thing. It’s all kind of cool and fun but defies an easy label. It reminds me of the Lazy River attractions that many water parks have. At any … Continue reading

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Walt Disney World Pewter Collectible ‘Disney Friends’ Spoon

Who’s ready to dig right in? We don’t have a shovel for you, but what we do have is a spoon. However, it’s made out of pewter, so you won’t want to shovel any food into your mouth with it. … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Disney Character Tankard Series

When you think of drinking out of a stein or tankard you might think of Germany. Octoberfest is a fun time where beer flows freely and interesting drinking goblets abound! But the tankard I’m featuring in this post is from … Continue reading

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Disney’s Duckville Texas Handkerchief

Just found a fun little handkerchief in a local antique store. It has an issue with cultural insensitivity in the border design, but if you look at the main image, it contains a comical moment for Donald Duck! For what … Continue reading

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Mickey: The True Original Crew Socks

Are your dogs barking? Are you dead on your feet? Well, let’s get this blog off on the right foot and dip our toes in the water. Unless you have your foot in your mouth. Then you might want to … Continue reading

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DVC ‘A Fairy Tale Vacation’ Promotional Postcards

We’ve attended three presentations for the Disney Vacation Club (or DVC) system but just haven’t been able to put it all together yet. But part of the fun of researching DVC as a holiday provider option is receiving promotional materials. … Continue reading

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Mickey & Friends Travel Trailer Insulated Lunch Bag

Mickey’s Trailer is one of the best Disney Shorts in my humble opinion! It came out in 1938 and starred Mickey with Donald Duck and Goofy along for the trip. It turns out to be a near disastrous vacation with … Continue reading

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Disney-Themed Brass Golf Ball Markers

Although Walt Disney was more of a Polo man himself, it seems his progeny lean more towards the gentleman’s game of golf. And if you’re going to play, it’s not just the clubs and balls you need to be a … Continue reading

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Disney on Parade Music Box Figurines by Schmid

Schmid is a German company famous to Disney fans for its licensed music box figurines featuring many of the most popular Disney characters, like the Fab Five and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The company folded in 1995 making … Continue reading

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Walt Disney’s Mickey Maus Cake Decorator

“These cake decorations will be fun for everyone” boasts the cover copy on this unique cooking accessory from the Allstar company of West Germany. 6 different patterns are available to make your ho-hum cake really pop! And these stencils can … Continue reading

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