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Disleelandia’s 1,000th POST Extravaganza

“It all started with a toy.” I think everyone has fond memories of a toy from their childhood. For me, I had a plush Snoopy that I slept with every night. The feeling of comfort and safety that old dog … Continue reading

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Star Wars ‘The Mandalorian’ Playing Card Set

At the time of this post there have been just two seasons of The Mandalorian. But what a ride it’s been! Pretty much everyone agrees that the show is one of the best Star Wars productions to date. So naturally, … Continue reading

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THE CHILD from Disney+ Series The Mandalorian

The debate waged as to whether this little green guy was somehow Yoda or some other being from his race. I think we all knew it couldn’t be the Jedi Master, but it was fun to argue about it in … Continue reading

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