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Disney-themed Baseball Caps

It’s interesting that although we only have one head, we seem to accumulate more than one hat. And it’s not just because there are different seasons! No, we seem to need dozens of hats for every season! And a Disney … Continue reading

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Luigi’s Flying Tires HAT

Ah, Theme Park history! Is there anything better than looking back and remembering those great old attractions of the past? If they are good attractions, no. But if they are attractions like the one featured in this post, then the … Continue reading

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His and Hers Sombreros at Mexico Pavilion in EPCOT

The last time I visited Walt Disney World and found myself at The World Showcase in EPCOT, I decided to pop in to the Mexico Pavilion. I remembered trying on a sombrero during an earlier trip, and wondered if they … Continue reading

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Winnie the Pooh Styling with Clothing and Accessories

It’s a pity that children get to wear all of the really cool Disney fashions! I mean, really, if I were to put this on… … and walk around among other adults (and I use that term loosely in describing … Continue reading

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To Wear Mouse Ears, Or Not to Wear Mouse Ears

Picture yourself getting ready to leave your home in the morning. It’s not a workday, so you decide to dress more casual than usual. Jeans. A sweatshirt. A Mouse Ear hat. You open your door and step out into the … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse as the Brave Little Tailor HAT

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio Today I’m sharing something from the 1996 Disneyana Convention. If you look at the picture below, I think you’ll be able to guess what it is: I’m not a hat guy, but had to have this … Continue reading

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Assortment of Disney-themed Hats and Caps

Cap Off Your Noggin! It’s time for another look at a piece of merchandise that almost everyone who visits Walt Disney World buys before leaving. But usually the first day! A Hat. But not just any hat: A character hat; … Continue reading

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