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The Canadian Home Fitness Test LP

You can’t get more retro than the 1970s. I mean, just look at that artwork! Health and Welfare Canada was trying to be so hip it probably hurt. But the goal was to get the men and women of Canada … Continue reading

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Star Wars Mandalorian Dipping Sticks & Band-Aids

It all started in 1977 with the theatrical release of the first Star Wars movie. It has continued with many sequels, good and bad, continuing with a little television production called The Mandalorian (2019). Ever heard of it? Whether you … Continue reading

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Disney’s Piper Pig Vintage Ceramic Ash Tray

Of course, it would have to be vintage, wouldn’t it? Smoking has been banned in public places for decades, but back in the day, even in Disney Parks, it was perfectly fine to stroll around puffing on your favorite cancer … Continue reading

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Found Disney: Super Grover Incredible Power Multi

I acknowledge first off that this isn’t actually Disney, but only related. Like a First Cousin. Jim Henson didn’t sell the rights to the Sesame Street characters to Disney along with the Muppets. But being as I don’t have a … Continue reading

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Minnie Mouse Walt Disney World Back Scratcher

There just isn’t anyone around when you get that itch in a place you can’t reach! It’s a first-world problem, but a real annoyance, none the less. Minnie Mouse has always been a helpful ‘person’. She wants to make everyone’s … Continue reading

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Columbia 26 Rambler Bike with Mickey Mouse Horn

Since about mid-January I’ve been on a bit of a health journey. Due to indifference and lack of portion control, my weight had ballooned up to an alarming number! I determined to do something about it, and in just five … Continue reading

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Disney-themed MASKS from the Disney Store

Are we still hoping to see an end to the pandemic? But then what would we do with all our cool and stylish Disney masks? Mark my words: All those who said they hated to wear them will be the … Continue reading

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