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Found Disney: The REAL Herbie the Love Bug

Ever have a celebrity sighting? Well, I just had one today! I saw the REAL Herbie the Love Bug in my local food supermarket. I live for these moments when I find Disney in the wild: Not only is this … Continue reading

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FINDING DORY Easter Egg – Dory and Hank Swim with Herbie

Disney/Pixar animators love to add little inside jokes to all of their theatrical releases and Finding Dory is no exception. So somewhere near the beginning of the movie and in the end credits of Finding Dory we see a little … Continue reading

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Monday Topics: Best of Disney

W E E K     T H R E E BEST OF DISNEY Our friends over at Love Our Crazy Life have asked some of their blogging friends (like me) to participate in a Blogging Challenge. So for four … Continue reading

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Found Disney: Movie Cars in the Real World

Disney animators love to give character to inanimate objects. And when they are fleshing out a human character, they usually imbue any objects they use or possess with a complimentary character trait. While looking through my pictures from both the Motor … Continue reading

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