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Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Hidden Mickey Towel Art

We’ve stayed on property at Walt Disney World several times but the first time was the most memorable. We spent 15 days and 14 nights on one of the most extensive and fun vacations ever! As always with a Disney … Continue reading

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Pictopia Disney Edition Picture-Trivia Game

Ravensburger is a company that produces puzzles, games, and something called Gravitrax. They hold licenses to not only Disney, but also Dr. Seuss, The Beatles, and Thomas & Friends. But mostly Disney! According to the official description, this game lets … Continue reading

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Disney Hidden Mickey Ring Light w/Phone Holder

“You’re so vain! You probably think this post is about you. Don’t you? Don’t you?” I think that’s how the song lyric went. Probably close enough! But for sure there are many many people who think that the whole world … Continue reading

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POP! Mickey Mouse w/Mickey Bar Hot Topic Figure

Funko POP! vinyl figures are becoming addictive. I’m obsessed! My latest acquisition is this Mickey Mouse with a Mickey Bar HOT TOPIC figure from the Mickey and Friends line. I hate that I have been sucked into the trap of … Continue reading

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Photo Spot: Mickey’s Ear at Contemporary Resort

Mickey’s ear at the Contemporary Resort is certainly hard to miss! Are the ears of Mickey Mouse the most iconic in the world? Maybe second only to Evander Holyfield’s nibbled appendage, perhaps. I guess it’s subjective. But I think we … Continue reading

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Found Disney: More Disney-themed Helium Balloons

Once more into the department store, my friends! And onward to the party with more Disney-themed helium balloons: Mickey gives a sideways glance at me as I take his picture just hanging around the rafters of my local department store. … Continue reading

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Foodie Friday: Hidden Mickey Disney Bag Charm

Oh no, no, don’t eat it though, it’ll make you ill! Cause there ain’t nothin’ real in this Hidden Mickey Disney bag charm! So seriously… don’t eat it. At just 4″ in diameter, without the ears, this charming little bag … Continue reading

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Drinking Around the Blog with Mickey: Wine Stopper

Well, not really. A popular thing to do at EPCOT is to Drink Around the World. This is where you buy an alcoholic beverage at each of the eleven countries represented in the World Showcase. I can’t say I’ve ever … Continue reading

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History 101: How the Disleelandia Logo Came to Be

I was visiting Walt Disney World for a year or two before I started this blog. Although the Archives show the first post as going live in 2011, the real debut of Disleelandia was in 2009. An unfortunate happenstance caused … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Throw Pillows

We all need to be propped up once in a while. A nice throw pillow or cushion can be just the thing to lend support while you binge watch the latest must-see television program. On Disney+, of course! I’d like … Continue reading

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