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CANADIAN COMIC STRIP Character Development and Execution

It all started many years ago when I decided to try my hand at cartooning. But what subject matter could I choose that would stand out from the cluttered fields of serialized comic strips of the day? I wanted it … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Official Batman Batbook

Publisher: Contemporary Books Inc. Year: 1986 Pages: 172 Type: Softcover ISBN: 0-8092-5035-7 “This book is dedicated to all of the arch villains of Gotham City, without whom Batman would be out of work.” The cliques would be just too easy with a post based on … Continue reading

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Photo Bombed at The Magic Kingdom in WDW

Don’t you just hate it when some wiseacre jumps into your perfect picture? Me too! With the crowds being what they are at Disney Parks, though, I guess it’s kind of inevitable. But… I never expected my photo bomber to … Continue reading

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Alice in Wonderland Doorknob Installation Instructions

The Doorknob is a character specifically created for Disney’s 1951 film Alice in Wonderland. He lives at the end of the Rabbit Hole and is the main entrance to Wonderland. Now you too can get his help to gain entrance into whatever Wonderland awaits behind any … Continue reading

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Book Review: THE LADY IN RED by Jean Beatens

Publisher: One Thousand Trees / M & T Printing Group Year: 2021 Pages: 78 Type: Softcover ISBN: 978-1-988215-99-0 “The Lady in Red… to my husband is wed.” – from The Lady in Red And who is this Lady in Red, you well ask? A look … Continue reading

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Book Review: Retro Housewife – A Salute

Publisher: Collectors Press Year: 2004 Pages: 130 Type: Hardcover ISBN: 1-888054-92-1 “A Rose-tinted look back“ Is June Cleaver your idea of the ideal housewife? How about Harriet Nelson? The 1950’s certainly served up a plethora of mostly-identical women playing the perfect homemaker on television. And … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Who is the Real Beaker?

We couldn’t round up all of the suspects to populate a full Police line-up, but we did manage to get two of the Muppets claiming to be the real Beaker to pose for a picture. So you be the judge: … Continue reading

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FINDING DORY Easter Egg – Dory and Hank Swim with Herbie

Disney/Pixar animators love to add little inside jokes to all of their theatrical releases and Finding Dory is no exception. So somewhere near the beginning of the movie and in the end credits of Finding Dory we see a little … Continue reading

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Found Disney: Mr. BEAN Tells Time with Mickey

I recently purchased a DVD set of the complete Mr. Bean shorts. You’ll recognize this name as the mime-like character created by Rowan Atkinson. And of course I noticed immediately that there was a Disney tie-in! In the very first … Continue reading

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TOP 5 Indications You Are a Hopeless DISNEY FANatic

Well, I wouldn’t call myself hopeless. But others would! Since my first visit to Walt Disney World as an adult in 2006 I have been hooked on The Mouse. I don’t take it overboard (no, really) but I do enjoy … Continue reading

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