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Bhunny Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure

Okay, just how many companies are producing vinyl figures now? It’s beginning to feel like hundreds! Well, maybe not that many, but too many for sure. Now we have kidrobot throwing their hat into the ring with a Mickey and … Continue reading

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Winnie the Pooh Miniature PVC Figures

Sometimes you just have to splurge. Discount bags at charity shops are great places to get inexpensive collectibles. They may not always be in the best of shape, but you have to compromise somewhere! For just a buck or two … Continue reading

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2007 Walt Disney World Mickey Mouse Keychain

My first visit to The Vacation Kingdom was in 1972 with a follow-up in 1973. I don’t remember much, as I was quite young, but a few things stood out. Surprisingly, Mickey Mouse was not one of them! Eeyore and … Continue reading

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Disney/Pixar Collectible Character Set

We may be entering the wonderful world of Disney knock-off merchandise with today’s post. There are several reasons why I say this, which we will cover as we go. First, here is the item in question: 24 Carry Along Keychains … Continue reading

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Disney-themed Key Chains

Guest Contributor: Gaylin Another useful souvenir from Disney is a key chain fob. I now have more of them than I have keys to put on them!  . The whole collection .  .  Chinese symbol, double happiness .  Is it … Continue reading

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