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History 101: From Phonograph to Laser Disc in 100 Years

History has given us some interesting options when it comes to sound and video recordings. From the phonograph cylinder to shellac and then vinyl discs, read by means of stylus and eventually lasers, mankind has tried just about everything to … Continue reading

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Ludwig Von Drake 78 Record

When you think of old 78 records, you usually think of black vinyl discs that are about 8″ in diameter (the more common LP albums being about 12″). But we will all have to rethink that thought now! Because I’ve … Continue reading

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Ludwig Von Drake Disneyland Lunch Box

Guest Contributor: Nick Maglio I love Ludwig Von Drake. I love Disneyland. I love metal lunch boxes and thermoses. Put them all together, and you get this awesome lunch box and thermos from 1961! . . The illustrations are very … Continue reading

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Ludwig von Drake Chalkboard

I bought this chalkboard because I just so happen to collect them. Funny how that works, isn’t it? It also just so happens to feature one of my favorite characters: Ludwig von Drake. It measures 23.5 inches high by 16 … Continue reading

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Walt Disney Classics featuring Ludwig Von Drake

Imagine you’re in school, or you’re back in school, and you go to your geography class for the first time, and standing at the head of the class is a duck. That is a pretty wild imagination you have! But … Continue reading

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