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Vintage Walt Disney World 4-Park Magnet

Things change and nowhere is that truer than at a Disney Theme Park. Walt Disney World has seen icons and attractions come and go, one of which is featured on the souvenir magnet featured in this post. The original 130-foot … Continue reading

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Art of Disney 4-Park Collector Set Photomechanical Lithographs

Disney often releases lithographs to promote movies or Theme Park projects to generate interest in the buying public. These can be given away if you attend a seminar or if you pre-order some piece of merchandise. Unfortunately, I can’t remember … Continue reading

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Photo Bombed at The Magic Kingdom in WDW

Don’t you just hate it when some wiseacre jumps into your perfect picture? Me too! With the crowds being what they are at Disney Parks, though, I guess it’s kind of inevitable. But… I never expected my photo bomber to … Continue reading

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Vintage Walt Disney World Parking Ticket Stubs

This is not to imply that you would get a parking ticket while visiting the Vacation Kingdom. But only that if you wanted to park at one of the Theme Parks, you would have to purchase a ticket. This ticket … Continue reading

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Walt Disney World Attraction Promotion Cards

This post features a couple of pieces of paper. Now doesn’t that sound exciting? But it’s what’s on these pieces of paper that should excite any Disney fan! IllumiNations was a series of nightly fireworks shows at Epcot that incorporated lighting effects … Continue reading

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Funko ‘Pop!’ Orange Bird – Diamond Edition Exclusive

It’s surprising how many Disney fans have fallen in love with the little Orange Bird with orange thoughts and a penchant for pitching orange juice! Especially as he was gone from the Disney Parks for so long. But you can’t … Continue reading

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Sights on the Water at Walt Disney World

One of the main advantages of visiting Walt Disney World over any other Disney park worldwide are the extensive waterways. The Seven Seas Lagoon and Lake Buena Vista can be plied using a variety of rented watercraft or by boarding … Continue reading

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Arriving at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

How many ways can you arrive at Walt Disney World? Well, if you’re visiting The Magic Kingdom, there’s four. You can drive, or you can walk, or: …you can arrive by monorail or boat Now, the train station is in … Continue reading

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What To Do FIRST at Walt Disney World

On our first trip to Walt Disney World, we wanted to do everything! So my wife and I booked 15 nights at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort and we commenced visiting every attraction and show the Parks had to offer. We … Continue reading

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Disney Horses from Horace to Bullseye

Disney’s First Horse          Horace Horsecollar I couldn’t resist starting with this fun shot of Karen and I posing with one of the most famous Disney horses of all time. I’m so glad they brought Horace back from the old … Continue reading

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