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Marvel Shieldz Circle K Free Giveaways

I pulled into my local gas station to fill up this afternoon and found a new promotion on offer. So naturally I took advantage of a freebie! And what was that promotion, you ask? Read on! Heroes Unite! Circle K … Continue reading

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1982 Newspaper Article featuring Me and Marvel Comics

And with three of my friends! Yes, back in the day, I had youth and much more hair. And hundreds of valuable comic books. Time moved on, I grew older, my hairline receded, and my comic book collection got sold … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Stan Lee’s Marvelous Memoir

AMAZING     FANTASTIC     INCREDIBLE A Marvelous Memoir For those unfamiliar with Stan Lee, all three of you, this is called a ‘marvelous memoir’ because Stan the Man brought a comic book company named Marvel to fame and prominence while doing quite … Continue reading

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Guardians of the Galaxy STARLORD Tsum Tsum

The title of this post probably sounds like a foreign language to some readers, but to fans of the Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy, it indicates their leader: Starlord Tsum Tsum Of course, the above repetition of words might … Continue reading

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