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Mickey Mouse Club Ranger Woodlore Vinylmation

Who’s the leader of the bears who’s made for you and Humphrey? It’s Ranger Woodlore, that’s who! And I love how happy he looks with the role: This is a marvelous figurine! It depicts Ranger Woodlore as he appeared in … Continue reading

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Disney Store Mickey LEADER OF THE CLUB Sculpture

“Who’s the Leader of the club that’s made for you and me?” Okay, only one guess, because it’s just too easy! Mickey Mouse has had so many roles over the course of his career that it’s hard to pick the … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse ‘Through the Years’ Coasters

Mickey Mouse has certainly played a lot of roles throughout the years! From his debut in 1928 to the present, there are no limits to his acting range. This wonderful set of drink coasters feature just a few of the … Continue reading

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As Disney fans we are all Mouseketeers at heart! Even though most of us were not around in the early 1950’s to see The Mickey Mouse Club in its original broadcast run, we might remember seeing episodes in syndication or … Continue reading

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Jimmie Dodd Meets Private Snuffy Smith

Welcome to another installment of ‘Where On Earth Did You Find This‘ on Disney Nouns! The blog that seeks to share the most obscure Disney references imaginable. Case in point: This is a 1942 American film directed by Edward F. … Continue reading

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Found Disney: Mouseketeer Bobby on Lawrence Welk

And here we have yet another Disney reference popping up on television. We all remember the Merry Marching Mouseketeers with everyone’s favorite female performer, Annette. But who was your favorite male performer? Perhaps it was Robert Wilkie “Bobby” Burgess (born … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook

Earlier on the blog I did a review of the Special Souvenir Edition (SSE) of this book. This post will focus on the regular edition, as it were. This book was compiled by Keith Keller and published by Grosset & … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: The Mickey Mouse Club Scrapbook – SSE

M – I – C (“See what’s in this post!”) K – E – Y (“Why? Because I need the blog traffic!”) P – L – U – G – Geeeeeeeeee! OK, that last line had one too many capital … Continue reading

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D23 Calendar for the 2014/15 Season

I recently renewed my membership with D23 and received my latest issue with a special gift. This year it’s a very nice calendar that highlights the many anniversaries we’ll be celebrating throughout 2014/15.      Front and back covers Obviously, there … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse Club Push’em Car

But just what is a PUSH’EM CAR? I saw this in a small town antique shop years ago. It’s approximately 16″ x 24″ and the artwork is painted onto a masonite-type board. It has eight holes drilled around the edges … Continue reading

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