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The WINDSOR STAR Weekend Magazine

This large format 28-page magazine supplement was quite an impressive publication in its day! The two copies that I have were inserted into the weekend edition of The Windsor Star newspaper in the late 1970’s. It had both black and … Continue reading

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Top Five Disney Misconceptions

We know everything about Disney, right? With so many books written and so many more websites sharing insights and information, the ‘truth’ is out there, right? Not really. Sometimes urban legend and rumor can overshadow simple fact. So here is … Continue reading

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Goodbye to Duffy, the Disney Bear No-one Loves

Poor Duffy! Outside of Japan, he just didn’t get the love that almost automatically goes to other Disney characters. When we were last at Disney California Adventure, we stopped and took the time to pose with this neglected meet-and-greet character. … Continue reading

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Top 5 Mistakes Walt Disney Made

Did Walt Disney ever make a mistake? The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’, but then, who wouldn’t have when taking so many risks to create great entertainment? So what follows is a list of some of those mistakes, or lost … Continue reading

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