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Jiminy Cricket Wax or Chalk Figurine

I can’t in good conscience claim to know much about this figurine. But when I get in trouble like this and don’t know what information is right from wrong, I give a little click on the Internet and it usually … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Everything I Need to Know… Disney Little Golden Book

Partial quote from the back cover – “Is your life more ‘ho-hum’ than ‘heigh-ho’? Have you forgotten how to see the magic in the world around you? To get back that childlike sparkle, look no further than…” Publisher: Random House … Continue reading

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LAMPWICK Figurine from Pinocchio

Over the years I’ve watched The Antiques Roadshow hoping to see some Disney items. But they don’t show up very often. But recently an episode had an unusual find: Lampwick Plaster Figurine This is Pinocchio’s main friend in the movie … Continue reading

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Disney’s Read-Along Books and Records from the 1970’s

Welcome to more of my record/book collection! This post will feature releases from 1973 and 1977. Robin Hood This is the only version I have from 1973. It now carries the tag line “Walt Disney Productions’ Story of” instead of … Continue reading

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Found Disney: ‘The Henry Ford’ Disney Memorabilia

Karen and I just recently took a little trip back to one of our favorite museums: The Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI. But this post is about some Disney memorabilia I found in a display cabinet in the museum. There … Continue reading

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Disney Photography Tips – Posing with Characters

Today we are sharing tips on how to get great photos during your Disney vacation. We all like to get our pictures taken with Disney characters! But with the long lines and the short time available for posing, it can … Continue reading

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Top 5 Disney Characters Stuck in Time

Every Disney character embarks on a journey of personal discovery and change. None are the same at the end of their movie. Usually the character is stronger and better for the effort, and we cheer when we see the ‘New … Continue reading

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Pixar Attractions – “To Saturation… and Beyond!”

Do you remember what the very first Pixar-themed ride or attraction was to open in a Disney Park? It’s surprising to think of how many Pixar characters have appeared in some way in the Parks. Here is a list of … Continue reading

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Is Disney Becoming too PC?

It is interesting to me that by even asking that question, I may not be Politically Correct! To wonder if anyone has taken this non-offense initiative too far is to invite criticism. So when is being Politically Correct really too … Continue reading

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Disney Jokes Created to Tickle Your Funny Bone

My wife and I love joking around, and often come up with awful puns and plays on words to make each other groan! Over the years, we’ve created many Disney-themed jokes. Would you like to hear them? W A R … Continue reading

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