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Mickey Mouse Super Stunt Plane Toy

Mattel strikes again with a great toy made for the younger set but still a lot of fun for us old guys! But more on that later. Although this is a Mickey Mouse Super Stunt Plane toy, it also features … Continue reading

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Pixar’s Planes TED YALE Die-Cast

Who? Well, that’s what I said when I saw this little guy on the shelf at T. J. Max yesterday. While on holiday in Chicago we were checking out the local stores. We don’t have T. J. Max in Canada. … Continue reading

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BOOK REVIEW: Flying Cars – The True Story

When you first heard the lyrics “Off we go, into the wild, blue, yonder! Off we go…” you probably weren’t thinking of doing so in a car. Standard airplanes are the vehicles of choice for the sky! But that was … Continue reading

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Disney’s PLANES Tractor Buck Character and Friend

The movie Planes (which was simply a redo of the script for Cars) wasn’t one of my favorites. But the sequel, Planes: Fire and Rescue, was much better, and had some very interesting characters. And interesting characters means interesting merchandise! … Continue reading

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Disney PLANES CHiPs and CHoPs Comparison

To begin, who remembers the TV show CHiPs starring Larry Wilcox and Eric Estrada? I used to watch it all the time and really enjoyed it, but then I revisited the series on DVD and noticed just how slow those … Continue reading

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Pixar’s PLANES – Fire and Rescue Dusty Cup Topper

Well, I finally went to see Planes: Fire and Rescue. Man, working for a living really gets in the way of my entertainment! Be that as it may, I just came back from Date Night with the wife, and really … Continue reading

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Pixar’s PLANES Chocolate Candy

No, I didn’t get today’s chocolate from a recent airplane trip, but just at my local WalMart. Disney’s follow-up┬áto the Cars franchise hasn’t quite hit the heights hoped for, but it did spawn a sequel (that actually looks better than … Continue reading

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