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Vintage Walt Disney World Brevas Cigar Box

Times they are a changing because times are different as people change. That’s pretty profound if you think about it! Yes, there was a time when Walt Disney’s family Parks had cigarettes and other tobacco products for sale in convenient … Continue reading

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Fifer Pig Ash Tray

Walt Disney smoked. Disneyland had a cigar store on Main Street the day it opened. Many Disney characters were depicted smoking in animated features produced as children’s entertainment, such as Pinocchio in the 1940’s and Ratigan from The Great Mouse … Continue reading

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Is Disney Becoming too PC?

It is interesting to me that by even asking that question, I may not be Politically Correct! To wonder if anyone has taken this non-offense initiative too far is to invite criticism. So when is being Politically Correct really too … Continue reading

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