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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Squinkies

What are Squinkies, you ask? I’m surprised you don’t know! They are… um… okay, hard to describe! Maybe you should just click the link for a very thorough look into their history and availability today (Spoiler Alert: They are currently … Continue reading

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Cameo Theatre ‘Snow White’ Movie Re-release Advertisement

Snow White and the Seven Vertically Challenged Fellas was released all the way back in 1937. But it had to wait until 1938 for a wider release. It took the world by storm! And as the shining star of the … Continue reading

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Snow White Themed HI-HO DINER in Windsor, ON

Remember back in the day when Walt Disney was just starting out? Remember when it was fairly easy to get the rights to use Disney Characters? Well, have I got a case-in-point for you! The Hi-Ho Diner (sign pictured above) … Continue reading

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Snow White Teapot with Dopey Dwarf Topper

This Snow White teapot is called a Small Betty. Why, you ask? Well, a Small Betty is a two-cup teapot that’s usually round in shape with a standard spout and a large, simple handle. And now you know! This particular … Continue reading

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History 101: A Look Back at WDW Characters with Postcards

Sometimes we may not notice or at least forget some of the changes that have happened over the years. This can be especially true with place like Walt Disney World where so much is happening and changing every day! And … Continue reading

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