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Collectible Mickey Mouse Watch Tins

Not all Disney timepieces come in a collectible Mickey Mouse watch tin, but I’d say that the best ones do! Sometimes it’s hard to decide if the watch is the true collectible or the tin: Patterned after the now-famous Mouse … Continue reading

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Collectible Souvenir Candy Tins from Walt Disney World

We did many back-to-back Walt Disney World trips starting in 2006. As you can imagine, for me, it was as much about the merchandise as it was about the rides or attractions! So I quickly got hooked on these collectible … Continue reading

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Hallmark Cubeez PIXAR Box Stackables

To Weirdness and Beyond! These Hallmark Cubeez PIXAR Box Stackables are a strange and wonderful creation to be sure. But weird is my middle name, so it’s all good. I’m constantly amazed and delighted whenever I visit a Hallmark store. … Continue reading

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Hallmark Cubeez Muppets Box Stackables

Are these still a thing? Hallmark Cubeez came out a few years ago and featured many of the most popular Disney characters, like the Muppets. I didn’t see the point but (obviously) bought a selection to add to my collection. … Continue reading

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40th Anniversary Star Wars Collectible Tin w/Books

In a country far, far, away, a British publishing company was tasked with printing and distributing a collectible for a franchise of immense popularity. This collectible would reach into every other country and relieve Star Wars fans of their hard-earned … Continue reading

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Disney’s Donald Duck Merchandise Overload

I frequent antique malls and flea markets but often find that some of the best Disney merchandise can be found at the humble yard sale. Truly, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! I attended a multi-family yard sale years … Continue reading

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Walt Disney World Collectible Taffy Tin

There’s nothing like a ride down Main Street USA! Especially if it’s with your best gal in a vintage automobile. And if the ride ends with a candy treat… all the better! This great collectible tin was filled with yummy … Continue reading

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Mickey Mouse UNIMASS Race Car Pencil Case

This is an unusual item. It can be used as a toy because it has small wheels on the bottom of the tin making it possible to roll it around like a car. But you can also open it and … Continue reading

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I have seen these great vintage orange juice cans for years along with the miniature reproductions but have never been to a place that had one for sale. Today I was visiting a flea market/antique store and there one was, … Continue reading

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Muppets SWEDISH CHEF Cubeez Tin

“Eeb duh bulio smork dim stacker boo!” – Swedish Chef Famous quotes are plentiful, but few have as much meaning as the one above! The Muppets most culinary member, the Swedish Chef, has a knack for summing up the cosmos … Continue reading

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