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Found Disney: The REAL Herbie the Love Bug

Ever have a celebrity sighting? Well, I just had one today! I saw the REAL Herbie the Love Bug in my local food supermarket. I live for these moments when I find Disney in the wild: Not only is this … Continue reading

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Disney Transport Die-Cast Parking Tram

So when do the rides start at a Disney Park? And just what is an ‘Attraction’? I consider anything that I can get onto or into and be moved by as all part of the Disney Experience! So load me … Continue reading

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Pixar CARS Die-cast Character TOMBER

I’m still adding to my Cars/Cars 2 characters collection ,even though the films are quite old now. Every once in a while I’ll find a variant that interests me. The character named Tomber has a connection to my heritage, as … Continue reading

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Found Disney: Movie Cars in the Real World

Disney animators love to give character to inanimate objects. And when they are fleshing out a human character, they usually imbue any objects they use or possess with a complimentary character trait. While looking through my pictures from both the Motor … Continue reading

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Should the Disney Monorail System be Everywhere?

Walt Disney never intended the monorail to stay in his theme parks. He wanted it to be used to link major centers in California, and of course, this wish would have spilled over to Florida as well. Alas, it wasn’t … Continue reading

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