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Burger King TOY STORY Kid’s Meal Toys – Part One

When we think of finding cool toys in Kid’s Meal boxes, we seem to automatically defer to the MacDonald’s line of merchandise in the iconic Happy Meals. But the partnership between the Mouse and the Clown wasn’t the only alliance … Continue reading

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TIN TOY Short by Pixar – Tinny Collectible Figurines

“Tin Toy” marked the first time a character with lifelike bendable arms and knees, surfaces, and facial components was animated digitally. The challenge was balancing its “cartoony” look with a baby’s real looks. If you’ve seen the Short, I think … Continue reading

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Popcorn Light Fixture from Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

Today, January 13th, is our 31st Wedding Anniversary! I can’t help but think of some of the firsts we embarked on together, way back then. Like our first stay at Walt Disney World which lasted 14 nights and 15 days. … Continue reading

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Disleelandia – The YouTube Channel

What’s more fun than reading about Disney, roadside attractions, museums, toys, and memorabilia? Okay, that’s not quite the right question! What’s AS fun as reading about all of that? Why, watching videos about them of course! We here at Disleelandia … Continue reading

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Rhino Traffic Jam at Disney Kilimanjaro Safari

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a hurry to get across the Savanna and someone decides to block the road? Me too. But I guess when you’re that big, and travelling with a friend, you can do just … Continue reading

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Schmid Musical Cruisin’ Mickey & Minnie

Both my wife and I are into Disney and so I like to find collectibles that feature both Mickey and Minnie when I can. We have quite a few pieces that represent our togetherness as they depict Disney’s most famous … Continue reading

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Disney-fied Wall Clock

I had to create a new word for this post: Disney-fied. It’s what I’ve done to an old wall clock that we found upon moving into our new place. The previous inhabitant had the good idea of putting a little … Continue reading

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The Grasshopper and the Ants Record-Reader

From WDP comes a Capitol Records release of a truly entertaining Silly Symphony: The Grasshopper and the Ants. Released in 1934, this was one of Aesop’s fables, reimagined by the animators of Walt Disney. A Capitol Record-Reader was a cherished … Continue reading

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DVD Review: No Ordinary Family

I picked this up recently because I liked the concept (superheros are my kryptonite, ha ha) and because it starred Michael Chiklis (who gets super strength and invulnerability) from The Shield and the first two Fantastic Four films. And it … Continue reading

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100 Years of Magic – WDW Resort Vacation Planning Video

100 Years of Magic Walt Disney World Resort Vacation Planning Video I love these planning videos as they comprise a virtual time capsule of my favorite Disney parks! It’s always fun to see what was new and how Disney was … Continue reading

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