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Walt Disney Animation Studios SHORT CIRCUIT Season 2 Review

This a NON-SPOILER article. I watched Season One of this series and was underwhelmed. I felt the emphasis for the majority of the Shorts was not placed enough on the story, creating confusing or directionless efforts. The overall impact of … Continue reading

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1982 Newspaper Article featuring Me and Marvel Comics

And with three of my friends! Yes, back in the day, I had youth and much more hair. And hundreds of valuable comic books. Time moved on, I grew older, my hairline receded, and my comic book collection got sold … Continue reading

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Why Disney’s LET IT GO Is a Bad Song

A Disney song has always been there to move the story along. It can define a character or delve into their motivation, or further the plot. Of course, it’s also designed to stick in your head so that you will … Continue reading

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TOP 5 Worst Decisions Made by Disney

No matter how good a company is they are bound to make a mistake or two along the way to success. In the case of Disney their mistakes seem to be amplified because of the intense scrutiny fans put the … Continue reading

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Top Five Disney Misconceptions

We know everything about Disney, right? With so many books written and so many more websites sharing insights and information, the ‘truth’ is out there, right? Not really. Sometimes urban legend and rumor can overshadow simple fact. So here is … Continue reading

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Why Wait in Long Disney Line-ups?

A: Because you’re crazy. B: Because you have no choice. C: Because it’s the only way to get into or onto an attraction. D: Because after you’ve read this post, you’ll realize it’s not that bad. E: All of the … Continue reading

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Do You Prefer the Younger or the Older Walt?

We’ve all heard the never-ending argument over which is better: Young Elvis or Fat Elvis. I’m in the Young Elvis camp myself, but it’s a discussion that will never end with a clear winner. I propose to start the same … Continue reading

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Disney Cruise Line Model – Concept vs. Reality

Back in 2013 I visited Disneyland for the first time and just had to tour the Disneyland Hotel, although I was not able to stay there. Interestingly, I found a model of the Disney Fantasy ship on display in one … Continue reading

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Messing With Disney Icons – Spaceship Earth

The Tronorail at Walt Disney World. World of Cars-themed monorails at Disneyland. And now Frozen is poised to take over Maelstrom? These are just a few of the many incursions Disney has made into our favorite Icons. Now that’s how I … Continue reading

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High Expectations Could Ruin Your Disney Vacation

You’ve dreamed of it for years. You’ve planned it out for months. You’ve been packing for days. Now it is time. Your trip to a Disney Theme Park is about to begin! Will it live up to your expectations? (Photo … Continue reading

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