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Donald Duck / José Carioca Reversible Cookie Jar

A local antique mall is going out of business early this year and to reduce stock is having a 50% off sale. I’ve bought many things from them over the years and they will be sorely missed! I stopped in … Continue reading

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Ceramic Minnie Mouse Mini Planter

The smaller they are the cuter they get! That is certainly true of this Minnie Mouse miniature planter. Just big enough for one flower or succulent. But with Minnie, one flower has always been enough! Rendered in a fairly crude … Continue reading

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8-year-old Me in a Walt Disney World Sweatshirt

My first visit to Walt Disney World in Florida was either in 1972 or 1973. We also went the following year for a total of two awesome trips to the Magic Kingdom. My next trip would have to wait until … Continue reading

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Adorable Mickey Mouse Vaudeville Plush

A search of the Internet didn’t turn up this little vintage plush. It has a corduroy-type fabric for the main body with a thin felt material for the clothing. The stuffing seems to be a sawdust of some kind (wood … Continue reading

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Lands of Walt Disney World Tin Tray

At first glance this tin tray, or metal platter, probably looks much older than it is. Although it likely dates from the 70s it has been antiqued with fake patina to make it appear rusted and damaged. I do like … Continue reading

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Monorail Glass Gift Trays from Walt Disney World

How awesome are these? I love the monorail and share Walt Disney’s dream of seeing them play a more prominent part in transportation across North America. Walt Disney World has proven them to be a viable alternative to standard trains. … Continue reading

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Cinderella Castle Through the Years at Walt Disney World

For many of us it’s been awhile since we’ve seen this beautiful structure in person. So today we’re going to have a look at the splendor that is Cinderella Castle by means of vintage postcards. We will start from a … Continue reading

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The WINDSOR STAR Weekend Magazine

This large format 28-page magazine supplement was quite an impressive publication in its day! The two copies that I have were inserted into the weekend edition of The Windsor Star newspaper in the late 1970’s. It had both black and … Continue reading

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Original Radio Broadcast Long Play Records

Although I love Disney, it doesn’t have a stranglehold on my interests. My attention turns to anything interesting and especially vintage! This post contains no less than ten LPs I found at a local flea market. And what they contain … Continue reading

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Disney Main Street Vehicles

That title might be a tad misleading at first, but read on. In 2007 Karen and I attended the Old Car Show at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, MI. They had literally hundreds of vintage automobiles! Many of them were driving … Continue reading

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