Walt Disney Classics Collection: Bambi & Flower

Guest Blogger: Nick Maglio

The very first movie I can recall seeing was “Bambi” in my hometown movie theater. Some of the images and emotions of this classic have remained with me my entire life, and it is near the top of my all time favorites. I have several Bambi items in my collection, and I am happy to share one I just recently added. Back when the Walt Disney Classics Collection started, I was much younger, and didn’t have the resources to buy many of the WDCC figures I so desired.

Fast forward almost 20 years (!), and my finances have improved, while, often, the prices for WDCC figures have come down, and are more in a price range I’m comfortable with. Such is the case with this Bambie figurine:

This is one of those pieces that makes me smile every time I look at it, and makes me ask myself why I waited so long to get him.

He stands 6″ high, and carries the 1993 Treble Clef production mark. The official title of this piece is “Purty Flower”.

Who is Bambi looking for? Why, the Purty Flower of course!

And here he is now!

I’ve had Flower since 1993. I picked him up because he was a more affordable price, with the hopes that I’d be able to get Bambi at some point in the future.

Watch it!

Flower stands 3″ high, and also carries the 1993 Treble Clef production mark. “Oh…Gosh” is his response to Bambi’s “Purty Flower” comment.

And here they are together, finally, after almost 20 years!

Why are my eyes damp? Must be allergies. (ahem, sniff).

I have 2 other pieces from this set, also purchased waaay back in 1993, so please click this link to see them.

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3 Responses to Walt Disney Classics Collection: Bambi & Flower

  1. That's okay. Thanks for giving them a look.

  2. Nick Maglio says:

    Thank you, Disney Freak! I do not have any Faline pieces, but several Thumpers. In fact, in a couple days, you can see 1! Also, just a few days after the Thumper piece is featured, I have my own Bambi mystery figure! I took a look at yours, and it seems we are in the same boat when it comes to not being able to absolutely identify our Bambis. Sorry I can't be of more help on those.

  3. That's so cute and lovely! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Bambi and little Flower. Such a cute duo…do you have Thumper? Or Faline?

    I actually have some figurines that I think are Bambi and Faline, but I can't tell. Would you stop by my blog at http://thedisneyfreakblog.blogspot.com and find the post “Do you recognize us?” and tell me if you do? I'd really appreciate it!!

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