Vintage Disneyland Sign Logo Plate

Guest Contributor: Gaylin
I don’t have much luck in finding Disney items in the thrift stores near where I live. Thankfully my sister has a good eye and finds treasures for me!
This was in my Christmas package from her. It is 6.25 inches across and in perfect condition, all the gold plate is still intact, no chips or cracks at all.

On the back she had left the price sticker from Value Village, a chain of thrift stores. $1.99 makes this an amazing bargain..

After carefully peeling the label off and washing off the glue, this is the Disney trademark:

I have no idea if the silk string on the back for hanging it on the wall is original, I do know I will put a new stronger string on it before I hang it up!  My camera doesn’t do extreme close-ups so this is the best shot I could get of the label.

Although pricing individual Disney plates is quite hard, this is especially true of plates sold at the Parks, that aren’t part of a Bradford Exchange series or the like. I’m going to guess the mid-to-late 60’s or maybe the 70’s due to the fancy-edging style of the plate. I did also find this little bit of helpfulness on eHow:

Some of the most valuable collector plates come from the 1930s to the 1950s, and can be worth $50 to $100. Plates produced after the 1950s are still valuable ($25 to $50), though it is easier to find them in mint condition, which provides a lower overall value. The plates currently produced should be kept in mint condition and if the plates are part of a series, the whole series should be purchased to maximize the value later on. It is also extremely important to keep any certificate of authenticity that the plate comes with. This provides proof that the plate is not a reproduction or fake. It also adds value to the plate. Buyers looking for older plates should consider plates that come with the C.O.A., to make purchasing an authentic plate easier.

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