Crazy and Creepy Disney Things

Not the two adjectives one would usually attach to the noun: Disney. But if you’ve learned anything from following this blog, it’s that I’ll attach anything to anything! So today, I give you just some of the crazy and/or creepy things you might encounter around Walt Disney World:

Crazy Eyes     With an expression like that, you’ve got to be crazy!

Streetmosphere at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is among the best throughout the entire World, and this performer definitely knows how to sell her character.

Merchandise     Magic 167 +     ???

Are they kidding us with this pair of Mickey and Minnie doll children? These have got to be the creepiest dolls ever produced, just behind Chucky!

It’s crazy, but Bruce realizes that Karen is food     Karen Is Food

No one should leave Epcot without first being ‘swallowed’ by Bruce, the Shark from Finding Nemo. Just visit the Living Seas and join Bruce for lunch.

Zany Us     Still at Epcot? Go to Innovations and make yourself creepy!

What’s wrong with Goofy?     Too Happy     He’s just too happy!

No one does crazy quite like Goofy! Everyone’s favorite anamorphic dog can go from brain-dead to zany in one second flat and then say something surprisingly lucid seconds before a Heyuk. Now that’s crazy!

The Mad Hatter. Creepy. Me as the Mad Hatter. Creepier.     Mad Lee

While we’re in Wonderland, let’s conclude this post with one of the craziest characters Disney ever put on-screen:



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4 Responses to Crazy and Creepy Disney Things

  1. Shelley says:

    I remember doing those special effect face things at the Kodak What If Labs in the Imagination Pavilion.

  2. Maureen says:

    LOL 😀 Fun! I like those Dolls and almost purchased them for my daughter years ago… but looking at their faces now.. you are right! they are creepy!

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