To Wear Mouse Ears, Or Not to Wear Mouse Ears

Picture yourself getting ready to leave your home in the morning. It’s not a workday, so you decide to dress more casual than usual. Jeans. A sweatshirt. A Mouse Ear hat. You open your door and step out into the world to run your errands and to do your shopping.

What’s wrong with this scenario?

Well, for me, I don’t wear sweatshirts. But for most normal people, it would be the wearing of a Mouse Ear hat in public! Not many have done this, but I’m determined to work up the courage some day, just to see what reactions I would get. Until then, I guess we can all agree that wearing a Mouse Ear hat in public is not a good idea.

But what about during your Walt Disney Vacation?

Minnie Hat  YoMD Ears Hat

Minnie Ears Hat and Year of a Million Dreams Ears Hat

We often see little children dressed up as Princesses or Pirates. We see tween patrons of the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique walking around proudly showing off their Glam Looks. And we even see teenagers sporting a loud character hat or two. But what about the over 30 crowd? Over 40? How about over 50 and beyond? Can we get away with the ultimate silliness: Wearing a Mouse Ear hat at the Parks?


It’s been said that a Disney Park is the only place in the World wear a grown man can walk down the center of the street wearing Mouse Ears and not get a second look. Why is this? Because it’s the Happiest Place on Earth, not Wallstreet! Not only is that man with the Mouse Ear hat on vacation, but so is everyone else. The whole point of being there is to relax and have fun. Those who are uptight usually don’t visit Disney Parks, and thank goodness!

Here’s a true story: I was in The Magic Kingdom (WDW) in 2006. I was standing outside a shop waiting for my wife wearing, not a Mouse Ear hat, but a Goofy hat! I had only seen small boys wearing this hat previously. I noticed a man who was upset because his family was taking so long in the store. You know the type – he didn’t want to go to Disney to begin with! He stomped outside in anger and came face to face with… a guy his age wearing a Goofy hat. He stopped dead in his tracks. I smiled. He looked stunned at first, but then he smiled. Finally he said: “Nice hat!” and walked away smiling.

Goofy Hat

So is it OK to wear a Mouse Ear hat, or any other silly hat, at a Disney Park? You tell me.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences while wearing silly things at the Disney Parks. Cast Members get a kick out of seeing me in my Goofy hat. Every one of them mentions it! Every little child I pass excitedly points me out to his or her parents, who also get a good laugh out of it.

Another true story: I was leaving The Magic Kingdom one evening and passing by a Security Guard. I was wearing, not only my Goofy hat, but also my Incredibles t-shirt. The SG took one look at me and said: “You’re looking incredibly goofy today!” Get it? We both had a laugh, and I’m sure it made a nice ending to both our days!

Incredibles Shirt

So do you go to the Disney Parks to have fun? Want to have even more fun? Then buy a Mouse Ear hat, or any character hat or shirt, and wear it proudly!

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  1. I always wear a Mouse ear hat.. I have to standard pair- one pink and one black, then my new fave is the same hat your wife has.. and I do wear it outside of the house.. not in Disney! lol…

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