Mickey’s Fun Mug from Walt Disney Productions

Who could resist this great little sippy cup?

Mickey Fun Mug 004

Still has the original paper wrap-around advertising band

Mickey Fun Mug 001     Mickey Fun Mug 002

Found this in an antique mall in Peterborough, ON. I paid a little too much for it but ultimately it was worth it!

Mickey Fun Mug 005     Mickey Fun Mug 006

Dishwasher safe & Break Resistant

“Drinking time is fun time with Mickey and his friends!” says the side text. I’d agree, but it appears the only friends that showed up for the packaging photo-op were Donald Duck and one of his nephews.

Mickey Fun Mug 007

 Eagle Affiliates Inc. (APL Co.)

This product is from pre-1987 (Walt Disney Productions) and so, like most old toy and novelty companies, the above manufacturers are gone or absorbed. But before they went, they gave us a fine piece of Disneyana!

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