Disney’s Castaway Cay Snapshots

Although our first and only visit to Disney’s Castaway Cay was almost completely washed out, we still had a few moments to walk around and take pictures before the rains hit. And when I walk around a picturesque spot… I take pictures!

Disney Cruise Vacation 098

I have to admit, there wasn’t as much to do on this island as I had thought, but that’s more my problem with perception than with the island’s offerings. It is a small place, and when it rains, almost 90% of the island’s amenities are unavailable. Unless you like laying on the beach in a raincoat!

Disney Cruise Vacation 107     Disney Cruise Vacation 108

Disney Cruise Vacation 118

Disney Cruise Vacation 112     Disney Cruise Vacation 110

You can take a tram to get from one end of the island to the other, but walking is a viable option as well.

Disney Cruise Vacation 121

Disney Cruise Vacation 114     Disney Cruise Vacation 115

The much-loved Disney humor and finishing touches are everywhere, but are given a run for their money by the beautiful natural flora and fauna of the Caribbean!

Disney Cruise Vacation 119

Disney Cruise Vacation 142

Disney Cruise Vacation 150

We wanted to send postcards from the island but found the post office to be closed. We were told by the local Caribbean shop owners that the workers at the post office have their own time-table and that it would open when they arrived… IF they arrived. They didn’t.

But thankfully you can give your mail to the Customer Service desk on board your cruise ship (the Disney Wonder in our case) and they will have it sent with the Castaway Cay postmark. We did this for two postcards and they arrived at their destination almost a month after we got home. Snail Mail indeed!

Disney Cruise Vacation 199

This looks like a postcard!

So a nice sunny day would have been better, but we made the most of it and got some great snapshot memories to add to our vacation.

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