Disney Springs Princess Dress Challenge

One of the most iconic things about the stereotypical Disney Princess is the dress. Each Princess has a signature dress that defines her look and image, usually based on how she looks after her transformation, whatever that may be.

While visiting Downtown Disney (renamed Disney Springs now) I saw three Princesses posing around The World of Disney store. And in one display window, I also saw the dresses of these same three Princesses made out of dolls.

So I thought it would be neat to see side-by-side comparisons. Who will win the Best Dress Challenge? We’ll start with Cinderella:

Cinderella Statue     Cinerella Dress

Now, we know that Cinderella started out with her mother’s dress, altered with the help of her critter friends. But that one got ruined by her jealous step sisters, and I believe it was white with pink embellishments (above right). The final version ended up being blue (above left). But I think both colors look great!

Now on to our next Princess, Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty Statue     Sleeping Beauty Dress

There was no question that this Princess is pretty in pink! And you have to admit it is a striking design! But if you notice, the basic design matches Cinderella’s but with more angular lines around the neck and waist.

Now on to our last Princess, Belle, from Beauty and the Beast:

Belle Statue     Belle Dress

By far the most intricate design of these three Princess dresses. And I think the most successful when rendered in dolls!

You can still pose with Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty out and around The World of Disney store, and see Belle up in the rafters inside. But I don’t think the doll-dresses are still on display. So enjoy them here! Which is your favorite?

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  1. Belle is definitely my favourite, but her beautiful gown has always been my favourite out of all the Disney princesses.

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