Foodie Friday: Best Burgers at Disney

It’s always a Friday when a great burger is there to be had! So today we are sharing where you can find one of the best burgers at Disney.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes

OK, no one ever said: “Hey guys, I just found the best burger in the world at the local bowling alley!” But the thing to remember here is that Splitsville Luxury Lanes isn’t your average run of the mill bowling alley!

They use terms like ‘Not your typical bowling alley menu. Hope you don’t mind.’ and ‘At Splitsville, we have taken great care to develop a unique menu that combines traditional and upscale offerings that extend well beyond your expectation of alley food.’ This, may I assure you, describes their hamburgers!

So without further ado, I submit the monster below for the Best Burger at Disney:

The Mad King

What I had, or should I say, it had me!

With a name like The Mad King, you know it’s going to own you! All the portions are huge with every hamburger coming with a nice portion of fries, and drinks are bottomless. Here are some more offerings if eating something considered ‘mad’ is too much for you:

Burger Menu 1

Burger Menu 2

Prices are premium, but worth it!

They also have a great selection of gluten-free foods, with the gluten-free hamburger served on a bun that you can actually enjoy eating, like my wife Karen is doing below:

Burger Heaven One     Burger Heaven Two

Smile approved!

So the next time you visit Walt Disney World, be sure to visit Disney Springs at lunch or dinner time. You don’t have to pay park admission to get near the place, and no reservations are usually needed.

As they don’t say in France: “Bon Pig Out!”

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6 Responses to Foodie Friday: Best Burgers at Disney

  1. Mary says:

    That just sounds so wring and sooooo good. Love the addition of the onion rings. We haven’t been there yet, would it be worth it to go just for the food?

    • disneynouns says:

      I’d say so as that’s what we did. We liked the decor (kinda 50’s) and the atmosphere too. It’s worth doing at least once to see if you like it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Didi Marie says:

    Just look at that thing! I curse my high cholesterol when I start salivating over such a creation! I had the sushi at Splitsville Luxury Lanes, and it was unremarkable. (By contrast, it WAS bowling alley sushi!) So many times, these colossal burgers don’t live up to their hype- I’m happy to read that this one does. Who knows, maybe next time I can talk a companion into ordering one and I can steal a bite. 😉

  3. On our one visit to Splitsville, we opted for finger foods to nibble on while we bowled. That burger does look impressive! It’s definitely going on my list of burgers to try out!

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