Goofy Baseball Figurine

Goofy has tried his hand at almost every sport throughout his illustrious career. He has not succeeded in any of them, but you have to give him points for trying!

I was delighted to find this bisque figurine of the man (dog?) in (one) of his many uniforms:

Goofy Figurine 1

Optimism before the game begins

This figurine is likely a nod to the Goofy Short entitled How to Play Baseball:

How to Play Baseball

Batter Up     He looks determined!

The uniform color is wrong, but the style is spot on     Goofy Figurine 3

Goofy Figurine 4     Goofy Figurine 2     Game on!

Goofy Figurine 5

Pre-1986 Walt Disney Productions

So if you ever want to learn how to play baseball… don’t ask Goofy!

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