Winners Circle Muppet’s ANIMAL Character Funnycar

I have three of these larger die-cast Disney character cars and two or three miniatures. They are fun to be sure! This one features everyone’s favorite manic Muppet:

Die Cast Animal 008

This is a die-cast funnycar model featuring Tony Pedregon (March 8, 1965) who is a 2-time NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series Funny Car Champion from Torrance, California. He is also the youngest of the Pedregon brothers. His brother Cruz Pedregon is the 1992 NHRA Mello Yello Series Funny Car Champion.

Here are two pictures of Tony’s actual cars. One is perhaps the template for the Animal variant, and the other is a life-sized version of the Animal car:

Tony Car 2  Tony Car 1

Let’s not get too wordy with this post, but instead enjoy some more pics:

Die Cast Animal 004

Die Cast Animal 005

Die Cast Animal 001

Die Cast Animal 003

Read the fine print, I dare ya!

Die Cast Animal 009

This is a Winner’s Circle series model produced by the Action Performance Company but was made in China.

Die Cast Animal 002

For more die-cast models see the post Cars Merchandise: Nascar #10 featuring a car modeled after the vehicle of Scott Riggs.

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