Disney’s Zootopia MR. BIG Plush

Hey youse guys! Dis is a offer youse can’t refuse! LOOK AT THIS PLUSH:

Mr. Big 1

Mr. Big hisself

Dis is a special treat for youse as Mr. Big don’t normally pose for no pictures. But he’s all decked out for his daughter’s weddin’ and he wanted youse should all know how to dress when ya attends.

So listen up and pay attention! First: Sweat bullets over the little things…

     Mr. Big 5     Mr. Big 7     Mr. Big 6

Carnation, spats, and a vest

These is a must, unless you is a broad. So fellas, let’s look at the complete package again:

Mr. Big 3     Mr. Big 2

Lookin’ snappy from every angle

So likes I said, sweat like bullets them little things or get hit with bullets and sweat! See?

By the way, these here pictures were supplied by dem goombahs over at Tomy:

Mr. Big 4

Now, if any of youse gotta problem wit any of dis here info, den the next thing youse is gonna see is somethin’ like dis:

Mr. Big 8

“Enjoy your big sleep!”

Oh, and one more ting. Be sure to click the followin’ link-thingy and visit our inside-sloth at the DMV: Flash Sloth Plush. Tell him Mr. Big sent ya and get 10% off yer next traffic ticket. Youse is welcome!

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