Disney Cruise Line PRINCESSES Use the Stairs

We’re all used to seeing scenes like this:

Disney Cruise Princesses 1

But all good things must come to an end and therefore so must all meet-and-greets:

Disney Cruise Princesses 2          Disney Cruise Princesses 3

It can’t all be glamor and elegance, even for Princesses! At the end of the day even they must hoist up the hems and hike up the stairs:

Disney Cruise Princesses 4

So Tiana sets the royal example and the other Princesses must follow it:

Disney Cruise Princesses 5          Disney Cruise Princesses 6

And so up goes Cinderella, one step at a time, just like us commoners! And one more Princess follows  her royal sisters and trudges the vertical exit machine:

Disney Cruise Princesses 7

See? Hiking the hem!

Being a royal Princess on The Disney Wonder doesn’t guarantee the royal treatment. No elevators for these pretty ladies! But to their credit they handled it with grace and dignity!

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